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Easy ways to study?

Asked by MohamedShameem (50points) November 18th, 2020

How can I overcome distraction while studying. Can anybody describe some methods

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When I was in college, I discovered the most incredible study spot: the music library. It was a practically empty room with comfortable booths and high-quality headphones. I would check out an instrumental cd from the librarian (usually jazz) put on the headphones and read my textbooks. No distractions, great music, good productivity.

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If I’m concentrating, I can’t think if there is any conversation or music around me. Other people need noise to concentrate. Figure out what makes it work for you.

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Underlining salient parts of the text helps them stay in my mind.

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What worked best for me is to use good ear plugs and sturdy intensely up until 9 pm. Then go to bed to get good sleep. Wake up early to go over my notes.

Getting good sleep was most important for me especial before tests. It’s important to feel good so you can think clearly. Sometimes you may not know the exact answer immediately but if you are alert then you may be able to scramble around in your mind and or on paper to get it or get close. If you feel exhausted from lack of sleep then you may just blow it off and settle for less.

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Take notes. Imagine that you are explaining the material to somebody else. What is the simplest way you can express it?

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Studying in a quiet room and keeping the smartphone and computer away from you.

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