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Are you experiencing COVID fatigue?

Asked by Demosthenes (15045points) November 19th, 2020

As another surge in cases grips the nation and restrictions intensify (and the relaxing of restrictions is rolled back), people are feeling burnout. It’s hard to convince people these measures work if things are getting worse and the pandemic shows no sign of ending.

Is the pandemic way of life second nature to you now or are you going stir-crazy? Are you optimistic about an end to the pandemic or do you feel it will never end?

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Who isn’t feeling C-19 Fatigue?
WE are all going stir crazy we want to be with friends and family, go out to eat not have to wear a mask in public, but a lot of us got careless and no we pay for it.
Personally I think this virus will be with us till way into next year,and it’s going to kill a lot more people until it’s over.

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I am fatigued for sure but not sure how much Covid has to do with it.

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I am not fatigued by the pandemic. I can deal with measures that will help get us back to normal.

I am fatigued by the conservative campaign to prolong the epidemic and maximize the damage.

I am not optimistic because a huge portion of the population has been inoculated against reason and facts by the administration’s dishonest and counter-productive approach. Elected Republicans across the country are actively fighting against efforts to slow the spread of the virus.

We are in a huge disease outbreak and people gathering for the holidays and gathering inside in general with cold weather will make it worse.

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No; I’m not experiencing the fatigue . I’m just concerned with of all the people who are rolling the dice and mingling with others. I’m especially fearful of my family members getting sick. I’m enjoying living alone now with my new Samsung tv , seeing my daughter each week with my groceries (hoping it’s not a risk to me since she works in a clinic) and sleeping so well with my new meds. I wish I could round my kids all up and keep them in the house with me like I could do when they were small. They’re out in the world living their own lives and I can only hope for the best. Be Safe Everyone!

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In the sense that it has gone on and on for many months, yes.

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I’m over it, so yes, I probably have Covid fatigue.

At first I really welcomed it, for the change in lifestyle, peace, quiet, but now I’m starting to chafe a bit, especially when it comes to seeing my family and friends.

I’m not optimistic actually, I think it could go longer than anyone thinks and could cause permanent changes in our way of life. Mostly I’m heartsick for all those we’ve lost and all those suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression. So many J4’s (suicides and OD’s) around here, it’s not even surprising anymore. Crime rate is still up too, as more and more people get desperate.

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I suppose so. I’m mainly tired of people politicizing the thing, to suit their various agendas. I mean I will mask up and do what is necessary, but I am rather tired of having to go to stores looking like the Lone Ranger or Zorro just to get a damn bag of ice.

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Yup, but I’d rather be fatigued than “pushing up daisies”.

I’ll lay low and wear a mask in public.

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I miss doing my activities. We are coming into cooler weather now so I hope to do more of what I miss outside. I’ve been trying to make plans with a few friends.

I feel badly that I’m not going to see my parents this winter.

I’m fatigued by the constant display of people not taking it seriously. I feel like there are risky people all around me. If I felt everyone took it seriously I would go out more and do more.

I don’t mind wearing a mask. I don’t mind distancing. I don’t mind meeting with friends outside. I can keep those things up for a while without complaining. I just want to stop feeling nervous or having to say step back, because someone isn’t wearing a mask and gets too close while they’re talking to me. It’s exhausting to be the policeman. or the bitchy one, I hate that role.

I believe life will be like this at least another year. It will get worse most likely when they start vaccinating people, because a whole bunch of people will finally feel safe when it isn’t safe yet. It will take time to vaccinate enough people to really inhibit the transmission of the virus. Although, my community might likely be where my governor distributes the vaccine in an early roll out if I had to guess, if it’s up to the governors. If they have an age requirement I might be too young.

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You have no idea how tired I am.

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{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} ^^ @Caravanfan

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Yes I have fatigue due to corona virus. However I am not alone.

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@Caravanfan Things getting no better there? I’m so sorry.

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For (some) introverts this feels like heaven on earth.
I care about others that are having gotten problems through it, and for those at risk (and I take care of them/ are careful for them), but for me personally it doesn’t bug me.

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What I am tired of is the hysterical misinformation flying around.

“If you get Covid you will probably die.” No, you probably won’t die. It has a survival rate of 97 to 98%.

“Most people get reinfected.” No, there as been ONE confirmed instance of reinfection, but other than that it’s very rare, according to the CDC.

People just have some strange need to make things sound worse than they are.
Use your head, use your mask, and stay out of large groups.

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@Dutchess_III That explains why I always see on the evening news, that there are more recoveries than people getting infected. Wondered about that.

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@Dutchess_III I mean that with all the hype about Covid, the evening news always breaks down new cases, deaths, and recoveries in our local area, county by county. And the numbers on recoveries are always much higher than new infections. In was responding to your post on the survival rate. Which I wasn’t aware of. Good news, I’d say? And the deaths in our area are minute.

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This summer, we couldn’t travel far but we did get in a few trips to neighboring states. I enjoyed working less hours at work, and still do. As for the restrictions on gathering, the holidays will be a bit odd and I miss getting together with my family. I’m tired of wearing masks but it’s a habit now. I guess, to answer the question, I’m not experiencing Covid fatigue too badly. Not yet.

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@KNOWITALL It’s not that they’re getting better or worse. It’s just that we are on constant guard waiting for the flood of patients and it’s exhausting. We have gotten one flood back in July, but we are bracing ourselves again.

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Cant find stats on my area…

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Just saw this. $25! I know the CDC doesn’t care for it because if it comes back positive some people may think they’re in the clear and quit taking precautions.
Anyway, it’s worth $25 to me.

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@Dutchess_III I wouldn’t waste the money actually. It really doesn’t tell you anything. If you’re positive you were exposed but it says absolutely nothing about immunity. If it’s negative you’re out 25 bucks.

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I’m not all that bothered by it. I spent a ton of time at home before this covid thing started so it is just a continuation of that.

And the mask thing is nice. Now I can go out and chat with people and laugh and talk normally without my dentures in. They can’t see that I don’t have teeth. Before the mask I had to be careful talking to hide my dental woes. This is freedom!

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Dear Covid:

Enough. Leave now.

Same to you, DJT.

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I don’t have covid fatigue; however, I do have a severe case of trump fatigue and I wish somebody would create a vaccine for that. I would gladly be the first in line for that injection

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