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What is the best way to keep the body fit?

Asked by anamkhan2020 (7points) November 20th, 2020

About body care.

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Work out in some way.

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It is my understanding that swimming is among the best forms of excercise because it’s non-weight bearing, full body, and builds strength as well as raising the heart rate.

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Walking is easy and cheap exercise.

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Avoid sugar and walk whenever and wherever you can.

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Park as far away from the store entrance as you can!

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Only do physical exercise if you are OK’d to do so by a medical doctor.

Get adequate sleep and good nutrition.

Lay off the junk foods, tobacco, alcohol and other recreational drugs.

Stay as physically active as possible. Find an activity that is right for you and exercise regularly and intensely at times. At least do a little bit frequently. But don’t do a lot lot once in a while.

Make physical exercise a part of your routine. You brush your teeth and clean your body daily and you should also do some physical exercise daily.

I do 9 different calisthenics 3 to 5 days a week, paddle an outrigger canoe 40 to 50 miles per week (good low impact exercise) and hike 18 to 20 miles per week. (I’m 69 years old).

Good health! Stay strong!

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When at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. The harder the first day is, the more you need it

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