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Are header graphics missing from your main Fluther page?

Asked by Jeruba (52203points) November 20th, 2020

I promised to report sooner next time, so I’m noting that something’s missing from the home page since two or three days ago. The flocked wallpaper is there, and the logo and Dr. J, but the cycling slogans about a trusted community, etc., are missing, along with the cluster of little jellies swimming away.

This is on a laptop, not a phone.

Does everything look all right where you are, or has something fallen off?

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It looks normal in North Carolina.

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Uh-oh, now Dr. J is gone.   >>> Come back! <<<   The wallpaper too.

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Every thing Is fine here.

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Normal here. They don’t cycle but there’s an arrow that changes them; not sure if that’s different from before.

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@Jeruba In the words of Auggie, “Clear the history and cache.”

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Things look back to normal here now. That’s something to be grateful for, sure enough.

Thanks to whoever fixed it.

@janbb, arrow, yes. That whole block was simply blank and dark green.

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Now the little stars are missing again, and the space for lurve is labeled “points.” In the “Great Question” field at the top, it’s overprinted. The “Flag as” field has an empty little square box next to it.

The rest of the graphics look normal.

This is on my same old laptop, in the computer view, not mobile.

Do these things break by themselves, or is something else being updated and this is collateral damage? I would have thought things would remain stable as long as nothing is changing in the code. Since we know there’s no development going on, then what would cause the box to be opened and things to break?

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@Jeruba I’m having problems today too. The banner is empty as yours was and when I try to ask a question, it hangs on detail or topics and won’t let me enter. See canidmajor’s Meta Q on my behalf.

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I know that when it comes to software, anytime you open the box is a chance to break something; meaning that one change or even just a slip or typo can cause something to fail that was working before. What I don’t understand is why it breaks when you don’t open it. And if there’s no development or maintenance, it’s not being opened, right?

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Looks fixed now. Thanks, Fluthergods.

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Mine are back too. When I have the energy I might try posting my question again.

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“What I don’t understand is why it breaks when you don’t open it.”

Please excuse me if the following is TMTechinicalI:

Ultimately, software needs hardware to support it.
Here’s an image of a Nortel DMS 100 Server circuit card.
These server components provide material support for most of a processor’s software storage and activity.
These cards consist of numerous parts that eventually will physically degrade. This is because said parts are continually subjected to heat and electrical surges.
So it could be because of a transient hardware flaw.

I think sometimes the OS software will have a latent design flaw, that won’t present until it encounters a problem or situation that the developers didn’t anticipate.

I used to work for AT&T as a communications technician. I actually had the same question about 30 years ago, when a technical manager told me about a case where a peripheral unit failed, because the controlling software “went bad”.
I asked, “So the only trouble with the TUC was the software?”
I don’t remember whether he just answered “Yes”, and I didn’t ask why, or I did ask him and he didn’t know either.

I’d love it if Ben entered this thread and gave us a more authoritative explanation.

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