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Are header graphics missing from your main Fluther page?

Asked by Jeruba (50617points) 5 days ago

I promised to report sooner next time, so I’m noting that something’s missing from the home page since two or three days ago. The flocked wallpaper is there, and the logo and Dr. J, but the cycling slogans about a trusted community, etc., are missing, along with the cluster of little jellies swimming away.

This is on a laptop, not a phone.

Does everything look all right where you are, or has something fallen off?

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It looks normal in North Carolina.

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Uh-oh, now Dr. J is gone.   >>> Come back! <<<   The wallpaper too.

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Every thing Is fine here.

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Normal here. They don’t cycle but there’s an arrow that changes them; not sure if that’s different from before.

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@Jeruba In the words of Auggie, “Clear the history and cache.”

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Things look back to normal here now. That’s something to be grateful for, sure enough.

Thanks to whoever fixed it.

@janbb, arrow, yes. That whole block was simply blank and dark green.

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