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What is better Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram?

Asked by socialfly26 (212points) November 21st, 2020

I’m looking to buy a truck for a landscaping business. Now I know both are good trucks but based on your personal opinion which one is better or more durable?

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Personally I prefer Dodge, but it’s still just personal preference.

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Ford. On a recent visit, my mechanic mentioned that Dodges are in the shop the most of any major brand.
My neighbor has a Dodge and it seems that every component has been repaired, replaced or rebuilt. It even needed to be repainted.

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Ford F150. Crew cab.

Dodges have too much chrome and bulk; they are show horses, not work horses.

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Of the friends who were looking at the Ford, they all ended up choosing the Dodge. I don’t have any personal knowledge of either as I was raised to be a Chevy girl!!! Since getting old enough to buy my own vehicles, I’ve switched over to Buick.

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I have owned a Ford 150 for nine years and I loved it. My husband bought a Dodge Ram yesterday. No kidding.

My husband loved how the new Ram drove. His Ram does not have chrome, mentioned above, he got black trim. My Ford had a couple of recalls and some parts that needed fixing. It won’t surprise me if I have a problem or two with the Dodge. I am a big believer in Japanese auto quality, so I unfortunately expect American cars and trucks to have some sort of problem.

We buy our trucks with all of the bells and whistles, but if you are getting a basic model for work, try to get an end of year basic model at a great price maybe in either brand.

I personally will miss my Ford, but I have trouble with change. I recently changed my Kia for a Lexus, and I am having trouble with the gadgets on the Lexus, the Kia was very easy to figure out. The Ford was easy also, I don’t know about the Dodge, I haven’t driven it yet.

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I owned a Ford Mustang. After the engine and transmission went out, I swore off Fords. I had a Dodge Caravan that I just loved

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I lean toward GM products only because I grew up on them and at one time knew them very well.

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Someone sent me this question in my “Questions for You.” I don’t know anything about either of these vehicles. All of my vehicles so far have been foreign, and I’ve never owned a pickup truck.

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I love my 2017 Ford F-150 regular cab with an 8 foot bed. Has a very smooth ride and gets over 19 mph loaded with my 31 foot long canoe plus a 21 foot long and camping gear.

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I don’t think you’d go wrong with either. I always felt that Dodge made a good truck but it may lose more resale value than the Ford. I haven’t looked at the new trucks for a few years now but take note of the storage on each. I love the side panel storage on the Dodge but I’m not sure how useful it really is. I have a Nissan now and it has virtually no storage at all. I have my tie downs and trailer hitch just piled up behind the seats. Messy at best. My son has a Toyota and it has several little storage compartments but Toyota will cost more.

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I wanted to point out a feature I will really miss on my Ford: the step on the tailgate and hold bar. For safety and ease getting in and out it’s awesome. Maybe you won’t use it much if you always have a trailer if landscaping equipment behind? Our Ram has the split in the back and the step, but in my opinion the Ford wins on that feature. Men seem to not care about it very much though.

My Ram has the Ram boxes, which is a nice feature, and also the adjustable divider thingy in the bed.

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@gondwanalon What was the size of the engine? V-8, V-6.? How many cc’s? (or CID)

I was always a GM man. Pontiac, Chevy, Buick, GMC, ... As a former mechanic, I’d choose the Ford over the Dodge.
My brother had a 2002 GMC 4X4 that is still one hell of a truck! I had a ‘69 Chevy C-10 that I drove for 26 years.

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@kritiper it’ a 3.5L V6. Has a 6-speed auto transmission with tow mode. Also has Ford Sync. Also uses Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist (for hands free smooth trailer backing).

Ford has a better idea. Have you driven a Ford lately?

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@gondwanalon do you use that trailer back up assist?

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Comparing model to model with similar specs, it’d be a toss up. I’d choose the Ford for reasons of personal preference.

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@SQUEEKY2 No I don’t have a trailer. I don’t need one. My Ford F-150 with an 8 foot beed hauls everything that I need. See here

I can haul my Hobie Cat 16 or Hobie Cat Wave plus my 31 foot 3-man canoe and my 21 foot 2-an canoe.

I don’t like trailers. They are a pain in so many ways.

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Thanks @gondwanalon just wondering if you had used that gadget .
Being a transport driver I have pulled so many types of trailers,and in my private life as well I have had friends and family ask me to back their trailer because they have a hard time.

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