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What is the point of a recount without confirming the validity of counted ballots?

Asked by crazyguy (1439points) 2 days ago

Georgia has conducted one recount, which found about 5,800 ballots that were not included in the official count. They have claimed unintentional errors on the missing batches. I do not know if any of the accidentally missed batches favored Biden; but I do know that the missing ballots ended up providing a net gain of 1,400 votes to Trump.

A recount of ballots without any attempt at re-validating the ballots will not change the results. However, if signature matching could be verified, that may not only show a significant number of invalid ballots but also point to election officials’ complicity in a fraud scheme.

So a recount, to be meaningful, should include a complete revir=ew of the process from the time a ballot was received. Otherwise, what is the point?

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Don’t you understand elections ? ?

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Check with Putin.

See if he approves !

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The point of a recount would presumably be to catch errors during the first count.

Georgia had over 1.3 MILLION absentee ballots in this election. There is always room for some sort of mistake to be made, both on the first count, and on the recount. But people do their best, there is oversight, and the changes in recounts tends to be pretty small compared to the overall numbers.

Why do you think people would not be doing their best to validate, verify, and re-validate ballots during a recount?

This might be of interest:

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Recounts usually produce slightly different numbers, but it’s usually very small. There are human errors that occur when processing so many ballots. I guess there can be computer glitches also.

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I find myself getting more and more cynical about this entire scenario, especially given that the questions from certain members here seem to mirror the then current GOP/Trump messaging so closely, but it’s my understanding that the recounting, unending as it seems, provides an excellent fund raising opportunity for the Trump/GOP. Most of it,however, if you read the small print, goes directly to Trump’s financing. I’m sure crazyguy, who I used to have a grudging amount of respect for, will come back and dispute this but this bit of info came from a Trump supporting friend who was actually astonished to discover this after reading the small print that few read, so I tend to believe him, even tho’ he initially looked it up to prove me wrong. I won a free beer outta that one. ;)

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It’s called Biden for time so your narcissistic leader can garner more attention to himself before he gets humiliated on his way out.

It’s just another ploy to further divide our country. Are you from Russia or Iran

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@AlaskaTundrea No, you are correct. They ask for money to “defend the election” but 60% goes to repay Trump campaign debt, the other 40% goes to the GOP, unless you give more than they can legally take as a political payment, in which case the rest would go to the ridiculous lawsuits.

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@AlaskaTundrea It does not bother me one bit because I would not give any money for this effort.

You say “the recounting, unending as it seems…”; so far, I am aware of just one recount, which was in Georgia. This recount was not requested by Trump; however, his campaign has requested a recount of )all legal ballots_. The problem is since the envelope has been separated from the ballot, there is apparently no way to confirm the signature match.

Are you aware of any other recount?

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@SEKA In view of my answer to @AlaskaTundrea would you like to modify your comment?

@Zaku Same question to you.

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@crazyguy, oh, me, you’re just too darn clever for me. Your responses of late are just too amazingly, stupendously, yugely ingenious for my mind to wrap itself around. Consider yourself unchallenged at managing to make me laugh. I may not have any real respect for you anymore but at least you make me laugh. Don’t bother responding for awhile as I’m outta here for a bit. You may be bored but I’m not, so you have ample time to think of a real zinger. Ha

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@crazyguy You are ‘bigly” the smartest person you know ! !

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@crazyguy The Georgia recount was not requested by Trump, but was by his campaign? I feel like I must not know what you mean or why you think that’s significant.

Although I don’t know why it matters, I’ll share that I am seeing:

“Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia. We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted. President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards,” the Trump campaign said in a statement. (

And from the same article:

Georgia already conducted an audit of the presidential ballots, meaning all ballots in the presidential race were counted a second time—which was a defacto recount. The audit was more rigorous than the recount will be as the audit was a hand recount of every ballot, whereas the new recount will be done by a machine rescan.”

I also don’t follow what you mean by asking if I’d care to modify my comment? Which comment might I want to modify in light of what?

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@Zaku The Georgia audit was performed because it was required by Georgia law. The new recount, which will be less rigorous than the audit, was requested by Trump. Of course what he (and his campaign) have requested is “an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards…”. What he will get is a simple machine recount of all the ballots, as previously validated.

I wanted you to re-evaluate your agreement with @AlaskaTundrea that the recounting is unending…

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I don’t think I had commented about the length of the recounting.

I haven’t seen anything other than pro-Trump fantasies suggesting that there’s actually any sign of actual issues with the signatures, or with the outcomes already generated.

I have seen countless sources of what looks very very convincingly like Trump is making up nonsense and having lawyers make bad-faith no-evidence lawsuits, and so on, none of it with any substance, and with many displays of major failures in understanding the situation, such as Trump pretending he doesn’t understand how during a pandemic where he told his supporters not to worry about the virus and to vote in person and/or vote twice, that the mail-in votes counted later would tend to be mainly the votes opposed to him.

Trump started trying to sabotage the mail-in vote months ago by appointing a saboteur to head the USPS and decommission voting machines and be as unprepared as possible for the election, and repeatedly mentioning his baseless suspicion of mail-in voting.

Now having clearly lost the election, he’s been slandering the Democratic Party and most of the people involved in managing, securing and checking the election process, claiming there was a massive conspiracy against him with no actual evidence to back it up, and pretending like he won and is being robbed.

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Wow, @crazyguy, still at it, trying to spin my frustrating opinion about the recount seeming unending—I never questioned its legitimacy or that, in fact, it’s relatively routine under various circumstances—into something. You are bored, aren’t you? When you are still twisting an opinion around trying to make it somehow work in your benefit. Come on. You can do better.

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