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Is your Facebook feed much calmer?

Asked by JLeslie (61801points) November 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

Calmer now that Facebook has banned QAnon.

Do you have friends who left Facebook for Parler and the other platforms that aren’t “censoring.” Did they stay away from Facebook, or you still see them?

Are you glad it’s calmer if it is?

Do you worry about what is being said in the other platforms?

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It is calmer.

I am concerned about the long term implications of other social media, but I can’t control it so no use stressing over it excessively.

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My Facebook is always pretty calm. I unfriended people who argued politics in 2016. Most of my friends post family and animal pictures. That’s exactly what I want out of my Facebook page. If I wanted to read arguments, I would come here. If I wanted to hear arguments, I’d turn on Faux News.

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I don’t have any right wingers or conspiracy theorists on my FB feed so there is noticeable difference.

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Several hardcore Reps have left my feed, but some have come back as they don’t like Mewe or Parler.

I do enjoy less political posts from both sides, everyone is calmer now.

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My Facebook is an echo chamber by design. I do Facebook to relax and be entertained. I post some political stuff, but I know I am preaching to the choir.

So I guess it hasn’t calmed down, it wasn’t really contentious.
Except the Star Trek pages.

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Mine is always calm as I unfriended the aggressive type years ago and any annoying/needy/preachy types get unfollowed.

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@KNOWITALL Are they doing both Facebook and Parler? Did you ever check out Parler? Is it all politics?

@jca2 I’m mostly in the “out of sight out of mind” state myself. At first I was concerned, but now I’m just happy Facebook took action and I’m hopeful the extreme crazy talk will fizzle altogether. That’s probably naive.

@Dutchess_III Do you mean it was always calm, or that it is still full of false information and arguments?

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I don’t have Facebook “friends” who make idiotic claims in the first place.
We are in charge of the content of our own feed. It your feed is full of BS it’s your own fault.

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My fb feed is much calmer now that I left fb 3 weeks ago. I don’t plan on going back to fb ever. I don’t like being censored and restricted or all the advertisements directed at me.

I’ll keep the fb messenger active so that friends and family can contact me easily.

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@Dutchess_III I got rid of most of it months ago. I left a couple of groups that had a lot of members who were posting the crazy talk and memes. I also hid posts from friends who had become totally brainwashed so I wasn’t seeing it, and if I posted something to do with covid I changed the privacy so they didn’t see my status. Although, sometimes I forgot to change the privacy.

I still was seeing stuff here and there though, but when Facebook finally cracked down and started removing all Q material it made a difference too. I have a few friends who got worked up once Biden was announced the winner, scrambling and repeating how Trump can still win.

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I am restraining from sharing Stupid Trump stuff now that Biden has won.

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LOL. I try not to post a lot of political things, but still do sometimes. More about covid than other random politics, and covid shouldn’t be political to begin with. I did recently post the photo of our town square full of people with no masks. You might have seen it in Tide Pool, but I also put it on my personal feed.

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@JLeslie I never checked any of them out, no interest.
I’ve never been fact-checked and prefer politics to be a personal matter, except here.
Even when a new voter asks my opinions, I explain both sides, encourage research and NEVER tell them how to vote.

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Edit: The only time I tell someone who I think they should vote for is someone up on politics, experienced voter, who hates a candidate, but is going to vote third party. I will tell them if they really want to keep the other person out of office they shouldn’t vote third party.

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I don’t do Facebook. I can go to certain You Tube videos or pod casts and get my fix on whacka doodle plots and theories.

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Well that’s why I can’t find you on Facebook Nomore! And the fact I don’t know your name.

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@Dutchess_III I can PM my real name to ya, don’t mind you knowing it. Just do me a favor and don’t broadcast it in here. LOL Check your PMs when you get a chance.

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@Dutchess_III I’ll see about getting my son to help me with FB later if he’s not to beat when he gets home. Been working a lot of hours lately. Got to do his Santa Claus bit.

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