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What's it like being ignored?

Asked by Fabie (11points) 2 months ago

What’s it like being ignored? Especially by a person who you like, or someone that is special to you

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Maybe ask the people that you ignore?

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@cookieman Hehe.

It can be very painful. There’s research suggesting that humans feel social isolation as physical pain. Personally, I believe it. I’ve had panic attacks while being ignored by loved ones. There’s a sense of dread and desperation. My whole body tells me I’m in danger. My heart beats too fast, sometimes it’s difficult to breathe. My muscles tense up, and my entire brain is working on how to fix the relationship as quickly as possible. I alternate between feeling desperately sad, and very angry. It’s really just about the worst thing you could do to me, and it brings out my worst self. Luckily, I am not ignored very often.

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What, me worry?

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