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What have you eaten that tastes like nothing?

Asked by Jeruba (52835points) November 23rd, 2020

Just nothing.

I’ve had pad Thai in restaurants, but until my son prepared it at home I had never tasted a plain, cooked but unincorporated rice noodle.

It tasted like nothing, sheer nothing, a material manifestation of nothing in noodle form. I was amazed that anything that wasn’t nothing could taste like nothing almost more than actual nothing does.

What food item have you tasted that was utter nothing to you?

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Shredded wheat

(Hilarious question and topics)

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Like getting kissed through a screen door, aye?

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Dragon fruit. The most disappointing fruit in the world. It promises so much with its seductive appearance, but has almost no flavor.

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Salmon Sushi.

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Gee, I like Shredded Wheat! Especially toasted!

Plain rice cakes are like eating Styrofoam, no flavor at all.

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Deli turkey breast on white bread. I can’t taste the turkey. I can taste it if I eat just a piece of turkey on it’s own, but I taste nothing on the bread. If it is very salty I taste the salt, and if it is piled on thick I perceive the texture.

Also, provolone cheese melted on a sub. Not worth the cholesterol or calories, I can’t taste it. My husband has the same experience with provolone.

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I must have a very different set of taste buds than the rest of you, not only can I taste shredded wheat, plain rice noodles, tofu, grits, rice cakes, and provolone cheese, I can taste differences and nuances within those items if they are different brands, or if the temperature is different, for example with cold tofu or noodles, or heated tofu or noodles. I also like all of those things.

I like most of them just fine plain, and I like them with the other traditional things that tend to go with them.

Even water has a flavor to me. Some tastes of chlorine, some really good fresh spring water has minerals in it that give it a nice, slightly sweet, slightly metallic taste, and water that has been sitting in a glass overnight, has a slightly stale taste to it. Water also tastes different to me if it is in a glass, a paper cup, or a plastic bottle, or a metal can.

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Me too @Kardamom. Good to see you around.
However something has shifted in me but I’m not exactly sure when or why. Suddenly the foods I love taste like crap and cause me to gag and run for the bathroom.
Taco Bell tacos and oatmeal are about all I can stomach. Even milk tastes weird.

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I’m wondering if for some of you ladies, the hormonal shift that comes to “ladies of a certain age” could be one of the contributing factors.

Although my taste buds didn’t change, when peri-menopause started, until the “game was over” I was plagued with nightmares. Completely random, but pretty much constant for about 12 to 15 years. Now I rarely have them, but I have insomnia.

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If I ever went through menopause I didn’t know it.

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@Kardamom Nothing wrong with my palette and it has not changed. I just think shredded wheat is tasteless as are plain rice cakes. Chacun a son gout!

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@Kardamom These tasteless things have been the same for me my entire life and I’m through menopause.

Although, as I’ve aged some flavors seem more pronounced again like when I was younger. Maybe it’s because lately I’ve been eating more foods with more ingredients, more herbs and spices and complex flavors, I’m not sure.

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