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Will Trump and his fan boys ever chill out?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (4355points) 1 month ago

Sitting here online, my phone beeped about 10 times in a row, all emails from Trump and Company. Any one else getting this?

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It’s over, you lost, deal with it!!!!

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I’m not getting emails, but I am a Democrat, are you a Republican?

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@JLeslie Not only no but hell no. I don’t even know how they got my email addy.

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@Nomore_lockout LOL. The Democrats were calling and texting almost every day in English and Spanish for months leading up to the election. It was unbelievable. Are you in Georgia?

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I was blessed this year. I’m a registered Independent. The Dems flooded me with snail mail. NOT one from the reps. Plus I only received ONE phone call & that was a famous basketball player asking me to go vote this year without saying which side I needed to cast my vote. I can honestly say that I did NOT want any mail from the reps; however, looking back, I live in Georgia & they assumed that they didn’t need my vote to win…GOTCHA!!! ROFLMFAO

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I still get 3 or 4 text messages a day asking me for donations. Now the RNC are mostly bombarding me for money to support the Georgia Senate races of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue but I’m still being asked for money for Trump.

If I sent in $10 billion then they’d still ask me for more. I’m done contributing to the Titanic.

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My city had a Trump rally to raise money for Trump court cases about a week ago. I don’t know how successful it was. Knowing the Trumpers here it probably turned out a lot of people.

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I have never donated to a political cause,and never will.Once in a while I do get a email from some political party but I just junk it.

Sorry and to answer your question no they will not,and if you read the fine print 40–60% of every dollar goes to pay off Trump’s campaign debt,or directly to Trump himself.

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No. Hate is a powerful thing.

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I’m in Georgia and I am getting multiple calls a day from each of the senate candidates.

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@elbanditoroso Do you think there will be a big turnout for the election? Will people who were registered for mail-in ballots from the general election automatically receive one for this election?

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