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Are you ready to breathe with me [Details Inside]?

Asked by LadyMarissa (11105points) 1 month ago

I am pleased to announce that it is FINALLY official, Joe Biden is now our Number 46!!! Never thought I’d be this excited about Biden winning the election, but I am pickled tink!!! Yes, it is still possible that 45 will locate his greasy string & remove it successfully; however, the GSA is finally recognizing Biden & releasing the funds for the transition. 45 said in a tweet that he is directing his team to cooperate on the transition but is vowing to keep up the fight.

I can hear the rest of the world’s sigh of relief. I’m looking forward to feeling normal once again…you???

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About flipping time!!

Now, if the news media outlets can just uniformly agree to stop covering Trump. At least, tone it waaayyy down between now and the inauguration.

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Trump isn’t done. He will come up with more ways to sabotage Biden and the new administration. He is a coiled snake ready to strike again. Don’t be complacent.

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Good news for sure. But why are the Trumpers still burning my damn phone up? Just got like 10 emails from them not 40 minutes ago.

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@elbanditoroso I totally agree with you!!! I’ve been following president-reject for about 40 years…way before he thought about running. I’m half holding my breath wondering WTFH he will end up doing to screw up my happy place today. At the same time, after 4 years of being miserable, I really need to take a good breath of fresh air to help me through whatever he comes up with next. I know him well enough to he’s NOT finished yet…I just want to ENJOY it while it lasts!!!

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Lol how many times is it going to be made “official”? Even Inauguration Day won’t be the end of it, because there’s still the possibility of a coup…

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Trump is a pandemic. Even with a vaccine, we still have to cope with it. It’s not going to settle down for a while, so it’s way too soon to relax our guard.

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I’ll start breathing again when the two Georgia Republicans win their Senate races. That will allow Republican leaders to retain control of the Senate. Looking forward to a gridlocked do nothing Congress. Therefore be no nutty liberal programs for at least 2 more years. No green new deal. No Supreme Court packing. No paying off college debts. No open borders.

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So very happy. Today means a lot. He can have access to intel, get office space for Chrissakes, and really work on the transition.

I’m with @LadyMarissa taking a good deep breath!

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@Jeruba I’m NOT relaxed, but it sure does feel good to have a moment of calm in my life no matter how short lived!!!

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When my hubby got home tonight, he found me dancing around our kitchen singing Merry Christmas To Me. He thought I was drunk, but knew that I don’t drink

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Today’s events were good news, but this is a dangerous time, and I am certain we won’t know the extent of it for years.

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^ I agree. Many think he’s trying to sabotage Biden. I think he’s trying to punish those who voted against him and his base who didn’t pull out a win

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OMG @SEKA, I pray you’re wrong!!! I believe that he’s the spawn of Satan. Can you imagine the crazy that he might unleash while pissed off at the entire country IF what we’ve seen so far is while he was loving us???

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