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What does this mean?

Asked by Akame009 (228points) 1 month ago

I am honestly not sure if it means anything at all to be honest, but there’s this guy that I have known for a a few years now. He’s a two hour drive from me and no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked to each other we both feel drawn to each other. So much so that when we ignore this feeling we start having dreams about the other until one of us gives in and texts them. We both have different partners and have even said we are done talking to each other only for a few months later for one of us to text the other. Does this mean anything? To be drawn to someone? Or am I just paranoid.

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It sounds like a really ripe situation for both of you to cheat on your partners. Sounds like you are kind of already having an emotional affair, even if you haven’t slept together. You are still engaging in intimacy with someone who is not your partner.

I have some suggestions that might be helpful, depending upon if you want to save your principle relationships or not.

If you want to retain your relationship with your current partners, knock off the romantic yearning, and lovey dovey stuff with this other person. Completely. Walk away.

If you think you would prefer to be with the second person, put that on hold for a time, and break it off, completely, with the first person, then proceed with the second person.

If you want to be involved with both of them, it behooves you to be honest with both of them and see if all parties are down with that kind of a relationship, and don’t forget the second person also has a partner that needs to be consulted, or broken up with too.

If you don’t care about anybody’s feelings, but just enjoy the secrecy and excitement of an illicit affair, just be aware that these things don’t stay secret for long, and someone will most likely get hurt, and it could be multiple people getting hurt.

Good luck to you.

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