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Would you snitch on your neighbor for violating coronavirus restrictions?

Asked by Demosthenes (11038points) 2 months ago

For example, if you know that they’re having a large gathering for Thanksgiving that they’re not supposed to have?

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Who are people snitching to? The police?

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Yes, and for all you know, I COULD BE your neighbor, so follow the guidelines or you just may get reported…

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Hell no.

@JLeslie: “Who are people snitching to? The police?”

White people love the cops and call the police for everything.

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@Hamb If you’re a troll here you won’t last long.

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Nope, I’d shake my head and mind my own business.

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No, but early on in the pandemic a neighbor had a lot of people at his house outside after we had talked about being careful and I did talk to him about it. He apologized.

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No. Just like I don’t go out of my way to snitch on people not wearing masks.

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No. When we were in lock down over the summer, my across the street neighbor had a few backyard barbecues with thirty-ish people. Certainly stupid, but they weren’t careening into my yard, so whatever — go be an idiot.

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Is there money involved? No, wait, I would not snitch. <shifts eyes>

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In the summer, my neighbors had big parties with guests bringing cases of beer. No snitching here.

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Yes. For the good of the general public as a whole.
(In a former life I was a US Marshal in the old west.)

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No. I would judge them in my head, and probably speak poorly of them to my husband and friends, but no, I wouldn’t haul in any authorities. Even if I did know who to call!

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@tedibear 911 or better yet find out what your non-emergency police line is.

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I wouldn’t call the emergency number. But if we’re talking about a scenario where people are repeatedly and consciously putting others at risk, then yeah, I might eventually alert the local authorities. It’s not like they would be dragged off in chains – we’re talking about a fine the people around me could certainly afford. I can tell by their cars.

In any case, first offenses usually just mean a warning. And honestly, because of all the unknowns involved, partying during these times feels similar to a hit-and-run to me. You just don’t know what kind of damage you’re doing. At the very least, the authorities would be able to get some names for the eventual contact tracing.

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Actually I think 311 might be a thing now. It’s a non emergency contact number.

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