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Why has Fox News taken on a more liberal stance recently?

Asked by jca2 (12627points) November 24th, 2020

Recently, Fox News has taken on a more liberal stance (you can Google for many articles, for example “Fox News not supporting Trump).

I just googled and see that Sean Hannity is leaving the network in 2021.

Why do you think this is?

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They aren’t getting more liberal, they are just realizing they are tied to someone who is bonkers and makes no sense.

They are still plenty supportive of Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.

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I have noticed accurate reporting many times over the years.

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They are losing viewers to CNN because of their asinine support for Trump, and OANN and other extremist networks are poaching their audience.

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Are they?
I do not think so.
What I think is happening is them realising, regarding drumpf, that they were on a sinking ship.
They stuck with him after a while after election day, when there was still a chance his frivolous lawsuits could overturn the election and give him a second turn.
But as more and more of these lawsuits were laughed out of court, even Faux News realised that they bet on the wrong horse, and started to withdraw from him, so they could throw their support behind the GOP in general and whatever figurehead would succeed the Orangutan, and not follow an increasingly unhinged madman that they would expect to fall into the fringes and obscurity after he has left the White House.

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They’re going to go wherever they feel they’ll get the most viewership. I agree with @elbanditoroso .

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I have a lot of Republican friends very upset with Fox news the past ten days. I saw some people saying Fox was bought by liberals, not true as far as I can tell, it looks to still be owned by Murdoch.

I watched Tucker Carlson a week ago and he was a right wing nut, but parts of Fox News does seem to have had an epiphany that American Democracy and honoring the people’s right to vote and be counted is more important than ratings. Also, various people on Fox seem to think preventing the spread of covid is important.

Maybe since QAnon is now banned from facebook and there is no denying they are a cult organization that our FBI has serious concerns about, maybe just maybe they don’t want to be a party to the messaging being done by Q and other alt-right messaging. They will still tout their Republican twist I think, but just maybe not be off the deep end into risking severely hurting the country.

I wonder if the federal government has put pressure on these companies possibly, or their legal teams have been cautioning them. QAnon is supposedly listed as a domestic terrorist organization, in my opinion it is treason what these people are doing. Repeating their messaging is being a party to it. It is one thing when the average (ignorant) person repeats ridiculousness, but educated journalists (or posing to be journalists) will not be able to claim ignorance, they are held to a different standard.

@elbanditoroso I think they are losing viewership at least temporarily. We should check. Maybe some sponsors are leaving them and that caused the change?

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Good riddance to Hannity. As far as the rest of your post, I can’t say. I never watch Fox. I’d rather sit in a closet and watch paint dry.

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I never watch Fox either, unless it’s in a restaurant or pizza shop or something and then I can’t avoid it.

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I turn to Fox sometimes when something is going on and I want to see what they are saying about it. I last about ten minutes. It is really hard to watch.

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I suspect that the Murdocks got what they wanted out the likes of Trump and Hannity while holding their noses. Hannity like Trump is full of himself and I have no doubt he acted that way with his bosses and now with Trump out of the way, Hannity is as useful as used toilet paper. I doubt Fox has suddenly turned liberal but to many of Trump supporters, the Republican party is liberal compared to the Trump Party.

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Disney bought twentieth century fox last year. Fox news was separated out as an independent company. It is a different animal now and clearly moving more to the center. Their op-ed is still pretty far right but I don’t think it will last too long. Rupert Murdock is still mostly behind it though. The right can now wash their hands of Trump and secretly they have been playing their cards for this to happen. I expect to see a rebranding of the republican party back to more traditional right-wing politics. Personally, I find CNN and FOX so disgusting that I cannot watch anymore. Especially CNN.

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