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Have you started on Thanksgiving yet?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42839points) 1 month ago

I pulled the baking hen out of the freezer and put it in the fridge.

Took inventory of what foods we have, and made a shopping list for food we need.

I also started home made bread for my stuffing. Going to bake it, cut it up and dry it out.

For the future, today is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

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We’re invited to visit friends but my plan for now is that we’re going to stay home.

I gave my daughter a checklist, handwritten, with choices: turkey, chicken, shrimp, ham, lasagna, surprise me/don’t care. She chose ham.

Yesterday, with a $7 off coupon to the supermarket, I bought a small spiral sliced ham and a turkey breast. The turkey breast is in the freezer for another time. My plan is to make the ham, mashed potatoes, string beans, corn bread, maybe carrots. I have 4 lbs of string beans from Costco, bag of potatoes from the supermarket (on sale 99 cents), corn bread mix in a box from Costco.

For dessert, I have a cannoli kit ($10, Costco), macarons (Costco) and a pumpkin cheesecake (Sam’s Club). I am planning to put a few macarons on a platter with a few slices of pumpkin cheesecake, for a dessert buffet. The cannoli kit makes a lot so I’m not sure if we’ll even open it for Thanksgiving.

I am going to make it pretty, keep it simple, since it’s only the two of us, take some photos and we’re going to hang out and just relax. It’s supposed to rain here on Thanksgiving.

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What’s to get ready? I did shop for the week this morning but I’m not cooking anything except the pie that’s in the freezer for Thursday. However, I won’t go to the neighbor’s house unless we can eat outside so it may just be me on the day.

My family is doing a Zoom at night for all the far-flung members.

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Yes. I’ve called my order in to Bob Evans restaurant and will pick it up Thursday.

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It’s been so long since we “got” to cook the foods of our choice. I enjoy cooking at Thanksgiving and Rick enjoys cooking all the time. So we’re looking forward to it.
Just wish I could have a couple kids around. But I’ll see them Sunday.

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my first loaf of bread is almost done. I’m going to run half of it out to my son. He works here in town.

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I started avoiding people, yes. All my contact will be by phone.

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OMG that bread is GOOD!!!!

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The neighbor’s friends are not prepared to negotiate a different non-rainy day so I expect to be on my own and Fluthering.

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I ordered a bunch of groceries. It’s just going to be me and my husband, but I tend to go overboard for special occasions. Save me from myself! How many pies can two people reasonably eat?

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I did the exact same thing you did. Pie’s will be made tomorrow night for drop off to relative’s porches who chose to stay home.

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We have a 15-lb. turkey in the fridge, thawing since Sunday (today’s Tuesday). We’re doing the whole traditional dinner, turkey, mac & cheese, all other trimmings. No big gathering other than the four of us who live here (wife, son, g-son and me), but we will be providing drive-by pickups for other family and a few friends, then a Zoom party later in the evening for out of state family.

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The cornish hens are defrosting, the apples and pears for pie are waiting. I might make bread dough tomorrow. We’ll see if I feel like making bread or biscuits.

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We just got one baking hen…a bird I can stuff! But Cornish game hens are awesome!

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