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How do you spell and sound out these three words? (Details Inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19805points) November 24th, 2020

Statin, satin, saten.
One is a drug. One is the devil. The last is a fabric.

How do you spell and sound each word?

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“Satan” has two As.

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“Satin” is the fabric.

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Statin has the same vowel sounds as the fabric satin, but it has the added t at the beginning, so it is easy to tell that it is pronounced differently than the other two words. You can find the pronunciation here

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The first two have a short a sound, as in sat.

The third has a long a sound as in sated.

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The devil is in the details.

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Maybe this will help

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“Sateen” is the spelling of the fabric as far as I can tell.
Add to the mix seitan, the meaty vegetarian food popular in Asian and vegetarian diets.

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Sateen is a fabric. Of the words on @RedDeerGuy1‘s list, satin is the fabric.

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Correctly, stat-in, say-tan, sat-in. Statin, satan, satin.

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