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Who do you think should lead Biden's COVID-19 Task Force?

Asked by Brian1946 (28700points) November 24th, 2020

I just got an email from the Committee to Protect Medicare.
They asked me whether I would select the person mentioned in their question. I would.

Do you think McConnell will try to block Biden’s choice?

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Fauci, of course.

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I would think it is an appointment, not something that needs confirmation from the Senate. And I would certainly think Dr Fauci would be a great choice.

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Without a doubt Dr.Fauci.
But Trumpanzies would probably want some Radiologist ,or maybe even a freaking Dentist.

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“Moscow Mitch” would block anything to benefit the general public ! ! !

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I agree that Malignant Mitch wants to block anything that would benefit the GP, but I hope that @janbb is right about the limits of his blockage.

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Fauci, of course. I read somewhere that the only reason he hasn’t already been tapped is that he’s still technically employed by the Trump administration and it would create problems, I’d assume mostly from Trump. I figure, if Fauci agrees, he’ll be named to Biden’s task force asap after 12:01 on inauguration day.

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Based on an article I just read, it sounds like the transition team has spoken with Fauci, tho’ Biden himself hasn’t had the opportunity yet. Or perhaps he realizes them speaking directly would put Fauci and his family in an even scarier position than they already find themselves in through no fault of their own. As to whether he’ll ultimately be asked to head the team, no hints were dropped tho’ if I were a betting person, I’d bet he’ll become a major player on the task force whether he leads it himself or not.

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