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What do you think should be the new name of Trump State "Park"?

Asked by Brian1946 (27496points) 1 month ago
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Lunatic Forest

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National Dump works for m

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Those are two good suggestions, but my current idea is to convert Mar-a-Lago into a nature preserve, letting it degrade naturally through lack of maintenance into a swampy ruin called Mar-a-Lagoon.

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I have vindictive moments.
I would sell oil drilling rights at Mar-a-lago.
I would rename the park Black Lives Matter Park.

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A memorial prison would be more appropriate. Really garish gaudy exterior—as superficial as possible.

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“In 2017, website The A.V. Club published a report that the park was an “abandoned wasteland,” with “muddy fields, overgrown tennis courts, and dilapidated buildings” and a swimming pool in disrepair.”

Sounds about right. Anyway, I’d name it Shithole State Park.

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I wouldn’t name the whole park after him. Just the dumping station, which I would lable Trump Dump.

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Maybe he and Bernie Madoff can room together in prison

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Point The Spot State Park. (As in “point the spot; you’re all ass.”)

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Keep the title, open it up as a free public trash dump. It will soon live up to its name.

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@stanleybmanly “A memorial prison would be more appropriate. Really garish gaudy exterior—as superficial as possible.”
– Ooh, nice. It could be for corrupt politicians and businessmen, and the contractors to build it could have zero quality control or safety standards for the prisoner living spaces.

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Four Seasons Park

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I signed a petition to rename it Ruth Bader Ginsburg Park.

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