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The best way to get to the right people when selling advertising face to face and by phone?

Asked by flipo123 (2points) September 7th, 2008

I sell digital display advertising @25 cents per min to local merchants, and find it tough to sell,even though it is a tremendous deal.Can’t seem to get to right people. What is wrong?

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Your sale is not clearly understood by your customers. Say for example, that you sold toothbrushes. In that case, whoever you called on has a toothbrush, understands the need for the toothbrush, and all you have to do is sell them on why your toothbrush is better tahn their current one and they should buy it.

In this case, the customer usually has little understanding of the medium your advertising appears in, distrusts its value, dislikes their own ignorance, is not convinced they need your service, is not convinced it will really work or what its benefit is. That makes your sale much harder.

My suggestion would be to offer the person a way to measure the results in a short period of time in some concrete way. That decreases the risk for them.

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Advertising is way way down right now as businesses are on tight budgets and sales across the board are low and in business there is a lot of fear right now.

I suggest using the phone, this way you can reach more folks in a given day and play numbers in your favor.

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With advertising, you are trying to reach your customers or clients by promoting services etc. There are various techniques you may use. But there are alot of things you have to consider, i.e. your locality, competition, profit, where to advertise, and most importantly who and what will they benefit from your product.

But i must say, that it requires alot of hardwork to advertise, usually for small business owners, its word of mouth and building strong clientelle relationship and strong connection between them because merchants alone can spread the word. Try posting on craigslist, you know how they are. And try contacting marketing managers for companies, represent yourself in a very good and strong approach. Hope this helps. Take care..

If i find a better answer il let you know, but for now, this is all i can think of.

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