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Trump pardoned the twice-admitted liar and traitor to the US - Michael Flynn. Are you surprised?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29129points) 1 month ago

One of the first people taken to court from Trump’s Russia coverup has now received a pardon.

What’s the message here? The mob boss (Trump) takes care of his stooges?

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“Trump pardoned a turkey today. And yesterday he pardoned a flightless bird.”

I’m not at all surprised, but since there are essentially no rules around pardons, we can’t expect much else.

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I’m not surprised.

It makes me happy he’s not President for four more years, because he’d be letting his cronies commit more crimes and just let them out before he leaves in four years. So good riddance to both.

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Not at all surprised. Trump has no concept of American interests or patriotism.He sees the office as a personal perk to benefit himself and his circle.

Trump installed Flynn as National Security Advisor while Flynn was on the payroll of Russian state TV. Nobody who supports American interests can excuse that.

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Surprised? We all saw it coming. Brace yourselves. After Limbaugh being handed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, no atrocity is now unthinkable.

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Disgusted, but not surprised.

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I would dearly love to read what our own fright wingers have to say about this.
Come on defend this move,I can see them now trying to think of some kind of spin to put on this.

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Considering how Flynn was coerced by the FBI, I’d call it justice.

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Just one among the phalanx of men and women who now find their reputations in tatters, their careers destroyed, and their lives in ruins due to their association with the fool. Trump has wreaked more destruction on the Republican brand than any possible plot on the part of poor bungling Democrats. He has not only disgraced himself, his office, his party and his country; he is so toxic that mere association with the idiot meant a guarantee of lethal contamination and a ticket to ruin. The breathtaking wreckage trailing in the fool’s wake is absolutely astonishing. If nothing else, Trump has shone the spotlight on a huge assemblage of otherwise unnoticed scoundrels and idiots who will forever bear the taint of working for or with the dummy, and untold generations of the unborn will cringe in embarrassment at photos of their ancestors heads buried in maga hats. Good riddance to those the most painful and unsettling American political spectacle in my 76 years.

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@stanleybmanly If Trump wreaked such havoc on the Repubs, why did they gain so many seats in the House? But you are right…there were a number of people whose reputations and lives were destroyed because of their association with him. When the corrupt deep state broke every rule to try creating a crime, they attacked and destroyed anyone they felt could help them the most. Maybe you need to step back and review all the facts instead of clinging blindly to your hatred.

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The facts? Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, Bill Barr, Rudolph Giuliani, the line of miscreants formerly viewed with respect, is too formidable and extensive to pin on some imagined plot from a sinister cooked up deep state. You folks keep spouting that nonsense without a clue that conservatism is now reduced to a synonym for moronic conspiracy plots and a chicken little grasp on reality. Why not get a clue for a change, and acknowledge the single term dethroning of the worst President in the history of this country for what it is—justice and an uncommon drift (for America) toward common sense. Rather than the empty headed remark of “hatred” as the excuse for the imbecile tyrant’s demise, why not see the vindictive, petulant dumbbell for what he ACTUALLY is?

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Oohhh….you got me there. You just listed 3 names. Wow. That made you point! Meanwhile, given all the data that has come out in the form of memos and e-mails, the “imagined plot from a sinister cooked up deep state” has a lot more weight than 3 names with no real information attached to them. And you talk about imagined and made up things!

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Will he never notice that the conspiracies he believes in never result in arrests or indictments? He thinks Obama and the Clintons run a criminal empire, that he knows the details, and yet Republican-run justice departments have never discovered the truth.

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So @seawulf575 If a Politician or Government branch coerces me into committing a crime it’s ok then?

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@Call_Me_Jay Funny you don’t actually deal with any real facts concerning the situation. Just want to try belittling others. Typical lefty.

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@SQUEEKY2 If you didn’t do anything wrong, but the government threatened your family if you didn’t admit to something, would that mean you did or didn’t commit a crime?

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@seawulf575 you want to claim there are criminal prosecutions for your “deep state” nonsense? Feel free to prove it. Tell us all about the trials of the Obamas, Clintons, and their associates.

Here is a template for you. You’re welcome.

—Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, Trump campaign advisor
Convicted of willfully and knowingly making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia’s ambassador

—Steve Bannon, Trump campaign manager, Senior Counselor to the President, White House Chief Strategist
Awaiting trial for defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors with “We Build the Wall” scheme

—Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager
Involuntarily hospitalized, 10 firearms confiscatede, after assaulting his wife

—George Papadopoulos, Trump campaign advisor
Convicted of making false statements to FBI agents relating to contacts with the Russian government on behalf of the Trump campaign.

—Corey Lewandowski, Trump advisor, campaign manager
Arrested for battery after assaulting a reporter on camera

—Paul Manafort, Trump campaign consultant
Convicted of filing false tax returns, and failing to disclose foreign bank account, conspiracy to defraud the United States, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, witness tampering

—Roger Stone, Trump advisor
Convicted of seven counts of witness tampering and lying to investigators

—Rick Gates, Trump campaign adviser
Convicted of conspiracy to defraud the United States and lying to investigators

—Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney
Convicted of lying to investigators, tax evasion, fraud, and campaign finance violations (paying hush money to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal)

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@seawulf575 You must be the star of your spin class.

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@Call_Me_Jay You want to believe it is deep state nonsense? Okay, then please explain to me why, with Michael Flynn, they interviewed him and he told them the truth. Their own notes confirm this. Then, they get back to their superiors and they try to twist what he said to make it a lie? All this has been confirmed. And please, while you’re at it, please explain why, when all this came out, the DOJ decided there was no case and decided to drop the prosecution? Go ahead…start the spin.

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Don’t worry. The Flynn story ain’t over. As with the bulk of Trump’s syndicate, he leaves in disgrace with his reputation in the toilet. More often will come out involving him. Depend on it!

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@stanleybmanly That is almost exactly, word for word, what you said about Russia colluding with Trump for 3 years. Even after it was concluded it never happened.

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THAT isn’t over either Just pay attention.

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@seawulf575 Our Canadian TV news at the time Mueller said he couldn’t charge Trump at that time, but he went on to say it in no means exonerated him.
Trump and all you Fright wingers danced for days screaming it exonerated him.
Lets see if that comes back and bites his butt once he is out of office.

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@SQUEEKY2 You did just hear what you wrote, right? Your News told you so it is the truth. Have you actually gone back and read the Mueller report? I did. And it is pretty specific…No Americans were knowingly involved with any Russian interference efforts. That means Trump was exonerated for the Russian collusion fiasco…you know…the made up crisis? As for obstruction of justice charges, none of the actions the left was screaming about being obstruction really were that bad. But more importantly, you are left with a situation where the actual claim you are making is that someone tried obstruct the investigation into a crime he was never guilty of. That makes about zero sense and would be almost impossible to prove. If you were innocent of a crime that someone created against you, and an investigation was started to get to the bottom of it, why would you try to obstruct the investigation? Again…very weak logic on the part of the left.

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Why would a Canadian New source make a false hood ?
What the heck would be in it for them?
I would believe a Canadian news source before believing a Fright winger who thinks every thing wrong in the world is some liberals fault.

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@SQUEEKY2 Look around. Most countries have a news source that are biased. The UK has several. You seem to think that left or right biased in news are only the US. AND, your Canadian news source likely got its story from a leftist US outlet. After all, their wording is almost exactly the same.

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Ok my fright wing friend the CBC seems hardly leftist mainly because they always try and tell BOTH sides of any story they are covering, unlike FOX ,or AON who only come at it from the fright wing side of things,or MSNBC that only comes at from their left view of things.
And you are telling us YOU read the report all 480pages?
One I have a very hard time believing that,or you have a LOT of free time on your hands.
Must be why you love to post facts that are pages and pages of garbely gook that you need a law degree to fully understand.

Will you accept this video from PBS?

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@SQUEEKY2 I have indeed read all 480+ pages of the Mueller report. I downloaded it shortly after it was released and it is on my computer still. I didn’t read it all in one sitting and it did take some time. I did gloss over some of the legalese that really didn’t do anything towards better understanding (references to other sections or justice codes, for example). But I have read it.

That PBS report was fairly good. But I did notice a few things that they fell short on. Might have been for time, but they left off some key points that they should have/could have included…especially since it was put out in 2019. They didn’t talk about the bogus FISA warrants, for example, that were used to investigate a political rival and later a sitting president. They didn’t talk about the fact that many of the “indictments” have fallen by the wayside since the Russians and Russian corporations they named demanded speedy trials to clear their name and Mueller backed away from that, resulting in those cases being dropped. They really didn’t go that much into the fact that trying to prove an obstruction of justice case when there was no crime committed is pretty much an exercise in stupidity. There is still a lot they haven’t gone into. I also noticed they talked about one of the “obstruction” issues that Mueller completely ignored…said it was nothing…and then later they used it as an example of how Trump may have tried to obstruct things.
You have to pay attention in these things. It is all there, if you look.

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