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As you get older do you taste all of the ingredients in a dish more?

Asked by JLeslie (65082points) November 26th, 2020 from iPhone

Lately when I cook or bake something I can taste individual ingredients more.

I made a pound cake and I taste the buttermilk more than usual and the sugar stands out more too.

I made fudge, and it’s delicious, everyone I gave it to raved, but for the first time I tasted the marshmallows and CC bits almost like I could have just eaten those things without all the work making the fudge. The difference is the texture.

It’s not just sweet things. It’s like the flavors don’t marry the same way they used to. I think it’s similar to when I was a child, although I don’t really remember it well, I think because I didn’t know the different ingredients as well when I was very young.

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No really. All I know is either I like it or I don’t. Same with liquids.

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I have a fairly sophisticated palette – if I do say so myself! My husband always gave me things he was cooking to taste before adjusting the seasonings. But I can’t say that it has changed in the way you’re describing.

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I don’t think so.

I have a really good sense of smell, too, which affects taste. During the lockdown, when we were in the house pretty much for most of the time, when I would see friends for a socially distant walk, I could smell them even though they were at least six feet away. Pleasant smells like deodorant.

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I’ll eat raw dough. That’s about it.
When I used to make fudge I’d sample the white mix before the chocolate chips got added. If it had been up to me I would have just made that!

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@Dutchess_III I’m the same way about cookies dough, can’t beat it with a stick. My wife always slaps my hand when I get into her dough. But yeah I’d rather eat that than the cookies..I don’t care if raw eggs or whatever are bad for us. Life is tough all over…;)

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Before I go to sleep out here I want to wish all you nice jelly gals a happy Thanksgiving !!!

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I have an excellent sense of smell too @jca2. It can be a curse too, when confronted with bad breath like my ex boss had.

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Yes, I agree! I can smell people’s smokey coffee breath which is totally gross.

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I think I taste things more acutely that most people, and even though I am a vegetarian, so my diet is limited by choice, within my chosen diet, I think I eat and like a lot more things than the average person.

I love to cook and experiment with flavors, and I like a lot of things from the cuisines of other countries that some people that I know have never tasted, or have never even heard of before.

My best friend (before Covid hit) and I used to play a game at restaurants that I like to call: What is that underlying flavor? We would try to guess, especially if we were trying something new, and then we would ask the staff if we weren’t sure. Some of those umami flavors can be tricky.

At home, I mix and match odd pairings all the time.

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No unfortunately. I think it’d be fun to taste all the elements more. Since I discovered Great British Baking show a few years ago and became obsessed with it, the biggest thing that gets me on there is how acutely they can taste and judge each ingredient and what was right or wrong about it. AMAZING! But me – no. I’ve worked in the craft beer industry for many years and still can’t taste the differences in even semi similar beers. I just don’t got it in me. And that’s ok. Haha.

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