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Is this a weird logo for a golf ball?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (4452points) 1 month ago

Walking around a field at work, and found an old golf ball with an “Office of Naval Intelligence” logo on it. Any ideas? I’m easy amused I guess.

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It’s just a ID mark so the golfer can ID his ball.

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Secret transmitter to the moon? Hello Putin, you out there?

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Strange damn logo for a golf ball.

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Maybe it’s a souvenir/tchotchke from a golf outing where contractors entertained Pentagon buyers.

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Back in the early 70’s it wasn’t that strange…you may well have an antique golf ball worth millions!!!

FYI…I use duckduckgo as my search engine, did a search to get an idea of what idea might truly entertain you & discovered that on ddg that you are trending as #1 on this subject!!!

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On a golf ball???

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Real treasure. Lost it all ready anyway..Fell out of my coat pocket .

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@Nomore_lockout Easy come…easy go!!!

As an FYI…IF you ever find another, be more careful. I worked on Capitol Hill in the late 60’s to mid 70’s & the Federal government made as many deals on the golf course as corporate America did!!!

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@LadyMarissa Well I would have gone back to the field to look for it, but it would have been a proverbial needle in the haystack deal..and it had been raining and the ground out there was getting swampy and mushy like. So I was like hell to the no. Not for a golf ball…

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