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Would you keep and use an unopened bag of coffee beans that's two years old?

Asked by jca2 (10852points) 1 month ago

I bought a bag of coffee beans from a supermarket (fancy brand of beans from Canada) on clearance this summer. The bag says the best “use by” is 2018. I didn’t read the date until just now, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought it.

Would you use it or throw it out?

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No, definitely not.
Even if it did not become toxic, it will definitely have become stale and disgusting.

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If the bag is sealed and no moisture got in, and the beans still smell ok then yeah I would use them.
I should add if it doesn’t taste stale.

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Test drive it. If it’s icky, toss the rest.

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If it’s vacuum sealed, it will be okay, not great but okay.

It might be best used in a recipe that calls for coffee, like coffee ice cream or a mocha cake.

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Don’t know about that one..Whatever happened to Mrs. Olsen?

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I would make some and see how it tastes. I keep coffee beans in the freezer for a long time.

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I’d use it. If it tasted funny I’d discard it.
Awwww, Who am I kidding? I’d use it until it was gone and smile thinking how much money I saved. .

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Yes. Do you think the folks in the old west worried if their coffee beans were hermetically sealed?? Heck no! They ground them up and made coffee!

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If it tastes funny, you run the risk of laughing a lot and getting coughy.

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Maybe open it and see if it looks ok and smells delicious?

I’d probably toss it if it’s that old, but if it was 6 months out of date I wouldn’t think anything of using it.

I take medication that’s 5 years old. Lol. Only certain kinds, not antibiotics.

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Haha, I’m with @LuckyGuy..there are few things i’m very snobby about, I’d rather save money and honestly if it didn’t taste that amazing I’d just make it into fun coffee drinks or doctor it up a bit. Could care less.

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It’s not the same thing, but a couple years ago I used a tea bag from a long expired box. It caused me to go through a bad 6 hours.

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