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What do you do for recreation outside the home now that so many things are limited due to the pandemic?

Asked by jca2 (10827points) 1 month ago

So many things are limited due to the pandemic. Not many people are going to movies or gyms and there are no plays and large gatherings now.

With my teen daughter and her friends, sometimes I take them to a playground and then there’s always shopping, but for obvious reasons there’s only so much shopping one can do. We will go out to eat, or for coffee, but same as shopping, it’s limited because you can’t eat for hours on end.

What do you do for recreation outside your home, now with things limited and a pandemic going on?

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Fun stuff. My wife and I paddle our 2-man outrigger canoe 5 days a week around a near by lake (It’s 9½ miles around). The other 2 days a week we hike 9 miles per day trough the woods. Of course when the wind pipes up to 15 or mph then we go hiking instead of paddling. My exercise journal says that we’ve paddled a total of 1,984 miles since last January (and I was in the hospital for 4 days last February for heart surgery).

Good health!

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Hiking and walking.

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Over the summer we took the kids out on the pontoon boat.

We drive around in the country.

We visit the kids.

Same things we’ve always done.

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Wow, where are you that you can go out to eat and do all that shopping? We are very limited here again (Illinois). As for your question….nothing. With my husband and I both high risk, we stay in like hermits.

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We can go.out to eat and shop here.

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Hiking and outdoors stuff are definitely possibilities, and during the summer we were at the lake a lot for the girls to hang out and ride on paddleboards and stuff like that. Now that the weather is getting colder and it’s darker earlier, we’re limited with that, too.

The other night I took them out when their online school ended, from 3 pm to 10 pm. We first went to a playground, and I ended up sitting in the car because it was about 45 degrees and I couldn’t tolerate sitting outside for that long. Then we went to Walmart, Michaels, Joann, Kohls, and ate at Panera. It gets dark around 4:30 so whatever we did had to be indoor stuff.

@anniereborn: I’m in NY and we do our stuff in NY and CT. I’m near the CT border.

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Usually have some type of sporting event for one or more of the Grand kids. Soccer, basketball, taekwondo, something or other constantly. No time for ourselves really. It’s a thrill just to have a kidless day for a drive in the boonies.

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Walking in my neighborhood and parks mainly. Have eaten outside at a friend’s restaurant a few times. Take out on the deck with a neighbor.

I went to the mall briefly on Wednesday for only the second time since March. I will not shop indoors for recreation or eat inside at a restaurant.

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Like @Zaku I walk or hike. This morning I went to the local reservoir and did my three mile walk. I’ll do that agin tomorrow, unless I decide to walk somewhere else.

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Swimming, zumba, dancing in the town squares, walking, and one day went to Disney Springs, but honestly I am doing significantly less exercise and fun than prior to covid. That probably sounded like a lot of things, but the zumba has been about twice a week and sometimes that is inside my house on zoom, sometimes a few friends outside. The other things I listed are maybe once a week only one of those things if that often. I could be doing more, but I have not taken advantage of all of the possibilities.

My husband and I were thinking about going to the golf driving range, but haven’t done it yet. I want to try to get him to go play shuffle board and tennis with me, but so far he isn’t interested.

I have not eaten at a restaurant since March, I did do carry-out several times.

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Walking and bicycling. Same as before the pandemic. I am lucky in that my habits are not constrained by the virus.

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Nothing really. But even before the plague I was pretty much a hermit. I use to go out and walk about to photograph things, but, again, I hadn’t did that in awhile even before the plague (the Muses are fickle and if they’re not with you then they’re just not with you). Since the plague I’ve been out to dinner a couple of times when my dad came to visit.

And once, over the summer, a massive windstorm knocked the power out here for days. After nearly a week we got tired of sitting around in the dark, sweating and subsisting off canned foods or ordering pizza (all the food in our fridge/freezer had spoiled). So we checked into a hotel and went to an actual restaurant to eat. The next day the power finally came back.

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One thing I forgot to mention that we do is we find old cemeteries and walk around. We did this just by happenstance with my daughter’s friends, in October, and then have since researched and visited two others. Today we’re going to look at more, in Litchfield CT. (the “Litchfield Hills” region, which is very rural and historic).

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And haunted..Watch out for Bug Bears @jca2

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@jca2 I used to do the cemetery thing years ago, but when my middle grand son was about two or three were at a cemetery putting some flowers down for my Bro in Law who had passed from cancer. Anyway the baby pointed at a damn tree and asked me who the old man was..I didn’t see anyone else out there so I asked him, what old man? He told me as best he could, that an old man was leaning against a tree waving at us and smiling. I said well time to go buddy, how bout an ice cream cone? And we got the hell out of Dodge. Hardly been near a cemetery since then. Other than to visit my dad and mom’s graves now and then..and of any grand kids tell me they saw THEM, oh hell to the no!!!

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@jca2 If you think you may have taken a wrong turn, and the sign says “Lich Field Hills”, you might want to reconsider.

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I’m watching kids today while my son and my husband tear up the upstairs bathroom.

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Well it sure beats hanging around a damn graveyard Dutchy. ; )

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@jca2 My maternal grandparents are buried at Sharon Gardens, probably not very far from you, I forget which city you are in. I don’t know their plot numbers. That would be so cool if that was one of the cemeteries close to you that you visit. Your daughter could leave a stone from me. :) There are little stones around for people to pick up (It’s a Jewish cemetery so they have stones around) but also I know you started painting rocks, you could leave rocks you painted if you wanted to make it a Jewish field trip.

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Why not @jca2? Sounds like a cool idea. I know I know none of my bees wax, just sayin’.

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My grandfather was an artist, a painter, and he used to own a art supply store a very long time ago. My grandmother taught in the public school system in the city and she later was a guidance counselor there. She loved to travel, she went all over the world, all over Europe and parts of Asia, and Latin America, and she would buy local art, and do crafts with the local people, I remember once she brought back paper she had made in Guatemala. She also brought me figurines, and local jewelry and garments. She loved to be outdoors, she did morning exercises in China, and taught me to swim and play tennis and we used to folk dance together in the Catskills during summer vacation. They both had degrees from NYU. My grandfather’s degree I think was in art, and my grandmother in English. Anyway, a painted rock would be right in with the family.

No pressure though, it might be far from your house, and I would not want you to drive far. I’m just writing all of this in case it works for you then you can know a little about them, and just mentioning it made me think about them. If you didn’t know, but I assume you do, it Jewish tradition to leave rocks when you visit a grave not flowers.

Anyway, sorry to clutter your Q with it all, but it was nice memories, and I felt like sharing.

Back to the Q, I just did zumba out in front of my house instead of my back patio, and it was nice to be in a more open space, I will definitely do it again. The only problem is there is a little too much traffic on my street. It’s a road on the interior of the subdivision, but kind of near the beginning of where you turn off the main road.

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