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Since there is no shortage of psychology professionals on record regarding Trump’s impairments, won’t such testimony mitigate the severity of his upcoming travails?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22834points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I mean “any port in a storm”.

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Very much in doubt.
Not only would those opinions probably be inadmissable due to lack of a direct and personal examination, but also in his vanity he would never allow his lawyers to employ an insanity defence.

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Exactly. They’d have see him and test him and treat him before their testimony would carry any weight.

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He would rather rot in prison than admit that he’s crazy; so, he’d have his lawyers attack any reputable expert!!!

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Trump will never accept responsibility for anything. No matter what legal issues he gets into, he will deflect and blame someone or something else.

If it got bad enough, he could and probably would plead “diminished competence” or something similar to keep his sorry ass out of jail.

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Not for long.
How priceless would it be for Trump to land in jail and not Hillary ?

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She could visit him and tease him through the bars.

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He would only be allowed to have conjugal visits with either his beloved Trumpy Bear, or the US flag.

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I don’t think being a sociopathic spoiled narcissist counts as a legal defense in the USA, but the idea has more merit than having a lawyer claim election results should be thrown out because the lawyer himself submitted two ballots…

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All the psychology professionals that I’ve seen began their comment with “I haven’t examined him personally but I feel”. Not sure that would hold up in court

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My thought is that Trump would have little difficulty convincing any professional of his “handicaps”. Do any of you truly believe this not to be the case?

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His handicaps are out there for everyone with a brain to see. The professiomnals can’t testify though.

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But of course they can examine him then testify that he has the mind of an 8 year old, thereby relieving him of any culpability. Do you believe this impossible?

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Not impossible. I have no doubt many mental health professionals, including his Niece, Mary Trump, have opinions.
But without testing him it’s inadmissible in court.

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You don’t believe his behavior for the past 4 years admissible as evidence? Who could possibly devise a better test?

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It will be a whole different ball game soon @stanley, where he WILL be put through the wringer for his idiotic behavior.

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