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Did anyone else see the new game show "Hole In the Wall"?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 7th, 2008

What did you think of it?

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i just saw the link for that on, it looks horrible, how can anyone watch that crap for a half hour to a hour?

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I’m thinking that’s gotta be the WORST show I ever saw on television.

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Sounds like a game you’d find on the Playboy channel.

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I saw the Spanish version
“aguas con el muro”

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it blows so much man

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they stole it from some chinese show. it was funny when you watch it on youtube, because it was unheard of, but now that its here, its not that good anymore. i bet there will be so many innuendos in the next few months.

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Why are we seeing so many re-makes of Japanese game shows? First “Wipeout” now “Hole in the Wall”. Are there really no other ideas for television?

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That’s just pretty awful. I mean, it’d be fun to actually do, but beyond stupid to watch…who cares if you can fit through a “Hole In the Wall” the correct way?

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@ flyawayxxballoon – I agree, fun to try

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there is one kick out of it

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I saw this a bunch of times, but the asian version.. It sucks cos they bumped The Simpsons half hour later because of this show.

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A. welcome to Fluther

B. Damn strait it sucks. The Simpson’s earned that spot. They kept alive for ever dammit.

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A. Thank you Bri. L , i found this site looking for answers hahaha.. now im the one answering…

B. I love simpson!

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They bumped THE SIMPSONS for it? I shudder.

I have to admit, though… Hole in the Wall was great to have on in the background at the Tavern tonight.

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Yes. They bumped the Simpsons.. I had a good laugh though.

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I caught it again yesterday. They had one team of midgets play against female body builders – that show is SO bad!

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C’mon, Mr_M…I’ll bet you couldn’t tear your eyes off the screen. :-)

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Oh it was SO bad. Nobody makes it through the wall and, if they do, it’s by luck.

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