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Should it take someone 8 hours a day just to edit a one hour video?

Asked by honeybun35 (597points) 1 month ago

Working on an assignment and someone suggest that I do an online study to edit a video so I won’t have any distractions. I was also told to work on this all day like it was a job.

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Oh, yes.
Now, I work in architectural visualisation, and the longest videos I have worked on were a couple of minutes long, at most, and even that takes hours.
You are not simply throwing the shots together and call it a day, oh no.
You will be spending a felt eternity adjusting the timing, when which shot ends, and when which shot starts, you will be endlessly tweaking transitions and colour grading the separate clips, so they all fit together, and then you might decide to throw out a shot, or move it to another point on the timeline, or you might then feel that in this or that particular shot you should zoom in more, and on and on.

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Oh ok thank you for that. Good to know. I didn’t know that it was a time consuming thing.
That explains it then.

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I used to edit videos on cable channel for a local content. Yes hours in the edit room, especially if voice-over or music was added (we had hours of different music on CDs, for use on TV).

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That is very interesting. I never knew that took any kind of time at all.

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I have a niece who directs targeted internet commercial ads. The ads are 5 seconds long and they take weeks to produce.

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And then there’s deciding what footage will be used in the final product out of the available footage shot. A major motion picture, for example, might only be a couple of hours long, but that final cut will be put together out of what could be hundreds of hours of footage that was filmed.

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Even back in the seventies, when I worked at a small college radio station, it would take hours to produce a one-minute public service announcement…and that was monaural audio only!

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