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How do nerds act when they want a female?

Asked by honeybun35 (596points) 1 month ago

I am thinking about hooking up with this man but he is very corny.
He even call himself a nerd all the time. Although he is a nerd he is built and have nice arms.

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Is this the married pastor you asked about the other day that was lonely at Thanksgiving? If he’s married, stay away.

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Speaking as both a “nerd” and a “geek”, I will tell you that he will require you bring a protractor to bed* and scream as a Wookie would when you cum.

*I won’t tell you why to not spoil the surprise.

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Actual people who are labelled nerds, even by themselves, are human beings, individual and different from each other. They do not have uniform behavior.

The “nerd” stereotype is a caricature (i.e. exaggeration and simplification of a discriminatory idea grouping people together), and inaccurate. It also varies based on how exaggerated the caricature is. Cookieman’s joke answer above is an example.

Calling oneself a nerd all the time may tend to indicate a deprecatory self-image, and social discomfort. Many people who are uncomfortable in romantic social situations may tend not to express themselves much about it, if at all, and to be nervous, perhaps fearful, clumsy, and peculiar when they do.

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ok. I know they are human. Just saying this person is a nerd and they joke about it all the time.
The person is very hot. Clumsy as in the nutty professor?

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You better hope he doesn’t turn in to a Buddy Love.

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They stare at you.

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They get on their hind legs and sniff.

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I’ve avoided knowing almost everything about The Nutty Professor so far, so I don’t know.

Clumsy as in so saying weird things and behaving in weird uncomfortable ways, the opposite of smooth.

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Staring, profuse sweating, heavy breathing, drooling, and doing this gesture with their hands.

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Grabbing your butt.
Grabbing your tits.

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And in case of orange people…

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Ya’ll talking nerds, or dirt bags?

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They tell everyone else online.

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They fix your computer and related audio video equipment.

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Any photos of these arms?

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He will shout, “Spank me with that proper grammar usage book!!!”

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The phrase “When they want a female” sounds like we’re watching a National Geographic special.

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@jca2 That thought crossed my mind, too! The bowerbird wooing technique
I can hear the narrator’s voice describing the entire process..

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They swarm around chicks with big knockers.

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They show you their penises.

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Women are impressed with a toothpick and two BBs? Really debonair…

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We are not. We are grossed out. There are some men who think we’re impressed. They’re the kind who send unsolicited dick pics.

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Just was kidding Dutchy. In bad taste, I know,,,

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I know hon. But it actually happens. ;(

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Disgusting that men think that would be appealing behavior. Takes all kinds I guess.

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They ask for my phone number, but turn it into a math problem.

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