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What are the rules about asking about a Jelly who has not logged on for a while?

Asked by jca2 (10852points) 1 month ago

I’ve noticed a certain Jelly has been missing since mid November.

What would be the rules in reference to asking the Collective if anybody knows if she’s ok?

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I think the rule was that we can’t name anyone in an OP title but can mention them in a thread if it is a positive mention. So I think you’d be ok, but I’m not a mod.

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It’s Yarnlady. I just hope she’s not sick.

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@jca2 She just liked a post of mine on FB today.

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@janbb: ok, good thanks.

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One of mine got axed for putting initials in the topics section, so I don’t know; but I think it’s really nice to notice who’s missing and to check on them if possible.

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I see Yarn on facebook also.

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THANK YOU for your concern.
My laptop was in the repair shop for a couple of weeks and all I had was a very weak tablet, plus I had a bad cold for several days.

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Mrgrimm too.

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^^Yeah. I hope he’s ok.

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