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Do you keep your wall calendars?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30906points) December 1st, 2020

In about 30 days, the wall calendar that I have hanging in the kitchen will be obsolete. (which is too bad, because it has big 12×18 pictures of locomotives and trains).

On January 1, to the trash bin it will go.

Do you save your wall calendars? If so, why?

(desk calendars – desk diaries are a whole different animal)

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My wall calendars are my diaries. I have them all neatly stacked and tucked away, barely taking any room in my closet. I’m fearful I might succumb to Alzheimer’s like some family members have. I may never look at them again but I know they are there if I need to look back at things I’ve done.

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Yes, I do, the nice ones, with beautiful pictures. In fact, I reuse them. Two of my 2019 calendars were reused from 2013. The full moons and some holidays don’t come out the same, but the days and dates do. There are, after all, only 14 different calendar configurations.

The 2020 ones won’t repeat, though, until 2048. I’m guessing I won’t be bothering much about them by then.

I used to keep the kitchen calendars because they were the master schedule, with everybody’s appointments, family birthdays and anniversaries, dates of major purchases, and all sorts of other stuff on them. I saved them as a record of events. That lasted until my son decided to cut up the old ones for some obscure project and my chronicle disappeared. Now I keep a personal desk calendar for that purpose.

One of my New Year’s Day rituals is to copy the recurring dates from the old master calendar to the new, all the nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays and everything. It’s a nice start to the year.

Packrattishness, now, that’s a different matter, if you ask me.

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I do. I keep them for the beautiful pictures and for the record of events and appointments.

I choose carefully the calendars I buy every year. I feel it’s worth 15 bucks or whatever, each, for a nice calendar because it hangs up and is part of the decor of the house and job. I buy one for work and one for home, to hang on the side of the refrigerator. The one at work is a calendar of cat paintings by Lesley Anne Ivory. The one at home is usually some kind of beautiful cat paintings.

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I keep mine for three years so that I can look back at events and appointments that I’ve made in the past. I especially find the previous year’s calendar useful as I may want to follow up on some of those appointments.

I used to buy calendars that had pretty or interesting pictures. Now I just use freebies that I’ve received in the mail due to making small donations to animal rescues or wilderness organizations.

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I haven’t had a paper calendar of any kind in over ten years, however, when I was a kid, I would carefully trim out the images from my favorite months and put those up like mini posters.

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Yes, usually for business purposes. In case of an audit.

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I have calenders going back to the 70s.

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At the end of December I use the old calendar to fill in birthdays and other important dates. The old one gets recycled on January 1st.

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Yes, yes I do. I Love all my calendars and have them for a reason. I have either picked them out, or they were given to me. So yes, I do keep them all. :)

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