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Who is paying Sidney Powell to bring these whackadoodle lawsuits?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30905points) December 2nd, 2020

She has filed one in Georgia, and about to file one in Wisconsin, trying to get the election overturned.

Where is her money coming from? Lawyers generally need clients to pay the bills.

Is she doing this out of her compassion for Trump? Or is there a silent backer?

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Apparently there are idiots out there donating to a fund to overturn the election. I’m sure trumps millionaire friends have been hit up to help fund this ridiculous lawsuit.

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There are true believers in the billionaire class. Betsy De Vos backs the so-called ” Michigan Freedom Fund” that is trying to subvert the election there. She also helped fund the anti-lockdown/anti-mask protests where the white nationalists were waving guns inside the state House.

I don’t know that she is funding the Powell lawsuits. I am saying there are billionaires who are as nutty as Sidney Powell. There is plenty of money out there for malicious lawsuits against the American people.

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I just think they are all looking for pardons.

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“On Nov. 22, two of the president’s attorneys, Rudolph W. Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, issued a statement saying that Powell was, in fact, not representing Trump — a remark that was true in that Powell had not yet been paid by the campaign, Trump campaign officials said and Powell has acknowledged.”

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@KNOWITALL true, but didn’t really address my question.

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@elbanditoroso Well it actually did, as they just hadn’t paid her yet. Trump has received over $150million for his legal defense fund.

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@KNOWITALL Are all of those funds actually going to his defense or is some of that money being used for other purposes?

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Apparently only donations above 8000$ get used to fund the lawsuits. The rest gets swallowed by drumpf and the RNC.
The Orangutan is a class A grifter.

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It also says a lot, not only that an alleged billionaire is begging people for donations to fund frivolous lawsuits (and that he is scamming them), but also that people are giving their money to him. During a pandemic and economic crisis.
Like that multi-millionaire, private jet owning Televangelist that demands that you continue donating to his church, even if you lose your job.

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I read that one donor who donated $2,500,000 to the election fraud fund is suing to get it back.

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Wackadoodles aren’t driven by paychecks.

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@chyna: He could stop with the defense and then just keep it in the till for Campaign 2024.

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@jca2 I have read that much of it is being diverted already from the legal defense fund.

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@janbb: The sad and crazy thing is that his loyalists will be totally fine with that.

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@jca2 Except for the one who is suing to get his $2,500,000 back. If I see an article about it again, I’ll post the link.

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@janbb: Trump will probably call him an Indian Giver.

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