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Can you be pardoned for offering a bribe to be pardoned?

Asked by LostInParadise (28177points) 1 month ago

I just ran across this article What if Trump accepted the bribe and then issued a pardon for the bribery along with whatever else the person was guilty of? Trump then pardons himself.

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Guess we’re getting ready to find out!! !Murderers can be pardoned so I’m assuming that bribers can too. Of course, I see it as a conflict of interest when the person who is bribed is the same person passing out pardons.

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Even Christians generally subscribe to the notion that you don’t get to be pardoned for a sin until you’re all through committing it.

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A president can murder political rivals and then pardon himself for the crime.

It is not forbidden in US law, because nobody expected the electorate to choose a shameless degenerate as president.

Whether it holds up depends on how much the US Supreme Court justices value the good of the nation over fealty to the offending president and conservative “values” (such as they are) .

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DOJ is looking into the bribes for pardon issue. They aren’t cutting him ANY slack any more. The net is closing in on him.

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@Call_Me_Jay – I don’t think that no one expected a shameless degenerate to become POTUS, they just didn’t think Congress would be willing look the other way, if/when it happened.

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