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Will Biden have Trump arrested?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22834points) 1 month ago from iPhone

This is just a flip of the bandit’s question

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One can hope.

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He says NO as it is time for this country to heal…NOT become further divided!!!

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Not Biden, but the DOJ should. NOT arresting him is what’s in the way of healing, and also in the way of another extreme scumbag doing the same sorts of things in future.

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It wouldn’t serve the greater good.

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I hate to say it, but no. Let it go. We DO need to reunify the county. Imitating the quirks of the other side wont accomplish anything. We have to at least strive to be better people.

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I think other priorities have to be met first, then perhaps a House committee or Justice department investigation. We have to make some progress on “repairing the world’ and getting Trump is secondary.

I really want those kids out of cages and families reunited! It is a blot on all our souls. Let alone the pandemic and climate change and land preservation….....

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(Continuing from my favorite penguin)

…and our international alliances, and our trade agreements, and our economy, and food security for the working poor…...

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Of course prosecuting Trump is secondary to address all the disasters…

But I feel the country and its claims to represent justice in any way will be cursed and stained until and unless that stain is called out for what it is and treated accordingly. Four years of non-stop blatant lying and criminally corrupt bullshit and abuses of office should not be tolerated.

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It’s not up to Biden, but even if it was up to him my answer would be no.

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No, that isn’t under the President’s authority, (nor should it be).

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DOJ is the agency to arrest Trump.

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Biden isn’t, and won’t be, a law enforcement officer. He has no authority to arrest or incarcerate anyone. Can we all agree that this is a good thing, for Biden and for every other president?

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I don’t think that arresting him will stop any madman in the future from trying the same thing!!! I say leave him to his own devices as I firmly believe that he will implode onto himself. He is on the legal radar in a capacity where he can’t be prosecuted; however, he will remain on that radar when he can be prosecuted. With his arrogance, he will try something totally stupid at least one more time & get caught redhanded!!! He’s going to pardon himself & he’ll feel totally safe from the law. He won’t be smart enough to separate Federal law from State law!!!

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Trump should be arrested (yes, by the DOJ, not Biden, of course), and his crimes, debt, cowardice and ego issues fully exploited to get him to turn full state’s evidence on everyone who manipulated him to do all the corrupt exploitation he did as POTUS. And then all THOSE people should be investigated, exposed publicly, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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Ah but @Zaku the law doesn’t work that way for rich people.

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Money talks and bull shit walks. Can’t prosecute these big wigs for high crimes when you have all these working people running up and down the road with a joint in the glove box. Get real now.

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Give it a rest!

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Lock him up! Lock him up!

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Crooked Trump! Crooked Trump!

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Captain John Smith…Pocahontas saved his ass once. Bet she won’t do it again!!!

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Hope Johnny has his head glued on tight next time.

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