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Are pitbull owners just bad at raising dogs?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44638points) December 2nd, 2020

A disproportionate number of dog attacks, 66% according to this source are by pitbulls.

However there are people who will insist that it’s how they are raised, and and it’s not a genetic predisposition toward aggression.
So if the argument “it’s how they’re raised” argument is valid, and the stat of 66% is correct,
are pitbull owners just worse at raising dogs than other people?

Please provide links to back up any claim you make.

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Many people are bad at raising dogs. It is how they’re raised.

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@kritiper pittbull owners seem especially bad.

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I’ve heard both sides of that argument. Regardless, I don’t like pit bulls and won’t have one around, when I have all these younger children at my house. As my old pappy used to say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Me either @Nomore_lockout. You want to take the chance with your kids I guess that’s your business

My daughter is an advocate of how they are raised, so she got a pitbull.
After about 6 months she had to rehome him because he wouldn’t stop jumping and snapping at the kid’s faces.

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A lot of it is about genetics. So many patties and staff it’s have been bred for aggressive tendencies and super-high prey drives, as people (often mistakenly) mistake those traits for being good for guarding and protection. These traits can carry through for many generations.

The success stories you hear about fight dogs being successfully rehomed are rarely the norm, most don’t adjust to a regular home life.

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I agree @canidmajor. I don’t understand this insistence on disregarding genetics. And they only do it with pits. They accept the genetic disposition of other dog breeds.
Shepherds are smart and protective.
Great Danes are gentle giants.
Most small breeds are yapping.
Retrievers retrieve instinctively.

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