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Why is there so much dishonesty in politics?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19623points) 1 month ago

Regardless of party, heck regardless of what country dishonesty runs unchecked through politics.
If Politicians are caught at it they scream National Security, or some other lame excuse.
What can or should be done to make Governments more accountable to the average person and not the lobbyists and corporations ?

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I think people’s conversations about the situation need to shift, then the laws. Corporations need to be understood to be less important than the good of the people and the planet, and be seriously accountable in ways that will make a difference.

Corporate charters need to include “pro bono” and “do no serious harm” before “make lots of money for shareholders”.

And when a corporation does great harm, the consequence needs to be changing the charter, removing and punishing the people responsible, or even reorganizing or abolishing the corporation if the corporate culture is too terrible.

And, of course, our election systems need to be reworked, including no massive campaign contributions, and taking deadly seriously any and all attempts by corporations and super-wealthy corporate stakeholders and related organizations to bribe/corrupt/coerce/manipulate the government.

And something like the POTUS appointing corporate agents to head government regulatory departments, should be akin to treason both for the appointees and for the POTUS, with no pardon or in-office immunity from immediate prosecution.

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I think it’s human nature that when you are given a position of authority, it always comes with the temptation to build your on your own power and wealth. Lying is just an easy way to get people to vote for you. So the longer a person is in office, the more they are likely to become consumate liars and corrupt people. And a complicit media doesn’t help. They just exacerbate the issue.
I think some of the solutions that would help this are things that the guilty need to implement. Fat chance of that happening. But they would be things like term limits. I know in this country we have career politicians. They probably started off wanting to do good (I may be a bit naive), but over the years they have spent so much time working for their own good they have forgotten they are supposed to be helping the people. I think top to bottom, POTUS to dog catcher, all positions should have term limits. Only a minimal time in office. We have term limits for the POTUS, why don’t we for Senators and Representatives?
I think the idea of lobbyists and PACs needs to be outlawed. It borders on national security issues. I think Ralph Nader had the right idea…no corporate donations of more than $250. No PACs.
The media needs to do their job. Their job is supposed to be the watchdogs for the people…not the lap dogs for the politicians. I think if a “news” agency puts forth bogus news, they need to have their licenses withdrawn. Oh, I get that mistakes happen. But if a mistake happens on page 1, you don’t print a retraction on page 20, 3 weeks later. Yank a license once or twice and the rest would fall into line pretty quickly.

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Nice answer guys thanks.^^

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If a politician always told the truth, they’d never get elected. (Ironic, isn’t it??)

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Politics is about who gets to control the distribution of resources. Some people can’t stay honest when faced with the opportunity that presents.

And when you consider what kind of deals you have to make just to get elected in the first place, you can see how compromise of principles can become a habit and that once begun it’s hard to stop.

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There is only one way to be honest. Telling the truth.

There are a million ways to be dishonest. It’s far easier to be dishonest.

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There is dishonesty in politics because people who elected them to power fail to hold accountable politicians they like in the first place. They will rather see their pet politicians lie than lose their seats. The power originates and flows from the people. If it just keeps coming despite the lies…well, there you go. Lies find a way. lol

What can the people do? Organize. Leave each of their agendas and political affiliations by the door and form an organization whose main purpose is expose and question nation paralyzing political propaganda tactics. Every week this organization will bug the heck out of politicians in DC why no compromised is being done.

Expose this highly well paid so called statesmen for not doing anything except play politics.

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Politics is full of favors, secrets, power and lots of ethical choices at every turn. Add that to a Type A personality with a normal ego and it’s heady stuff. Even entering that arena takes nerve.

Mostly I see two main types- idealists or opportunists. We need more of the former, less of the latter. And a much bigger pool of brave people to care enough to participate in governing.

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I like the idea from the post above that the POTUS can’t pardon those they appointed for any and all positions. trump exposed the vast power the POTUS possess. If he was as astute and deadly as Putin there would be no more so called American democracy today. The US military would be on his side.

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^^Probably got more votes from his supporters after this deplorable act.

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No one ever holds them accountable for their dishonesty. Those that try are bullied into oblivion

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It’s the name of the game in politics. As David Crockett once quipped. “Going to Congress has ruined many a good man”.

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The people want and deserve to be lied to, on the whole, so that’s what happens. Literally, the voters incentivize politicians to lie, so they do.

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@Smashley Is that what you want??^

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The epitome of the old saying, “You get the government you deserve.”

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Nobody deserved Trump.

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I don’t think so. I was always surprised that so many people were on board with that shit for brains. And still are.

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@SQUEEKY2 – it’s not what I want, but it’s clearly what the people want, in general, or at least, it’s what they vote for.

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@Smashley Is that why TRump was such a huge hit with his base?

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@SQUEEKY2 – Could be. It definitely gives them talking points.

Person 1: Wow, highest debt ever, crumbling infrastructure, death everywhere, high unemployment, bankrupt states, cutbacks on everything that makes life better for the citizenry, no healthcare system, are we great yet?

Redhat: Yes we are. Trump has done so much for the country. Keep it great!

In the end, it’s probably just a quirk of human psychology that lying can more easily move people than the truth.

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