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A finned and flippered jelly is having a problem posting a question. Is anybody else?

Asked by canidmajor (18747points) December 3rd, 2020

This is more of a test to see if it’s just her.

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‘Tis me, in case you haven’t guessed, and it froze on “topics” and wouldn’t let me choose any.

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@janbb Probably because it knew mine would be funner.

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I’ve had a problem like that recently. I closed out of browser and restarted computer. A-okay after it started up again. I guess it was the browser.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks. I’ll try that.

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Well, I just went closed the browser and started it up again. Now the banner isn’t loading correctly and it wouldn’t let me go into details at all. My question will have to wait til Fluther or the computer behaves better.

I’ll try on a device later.

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@janbb Did you try restarting your computer?

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@Hawaii_Jake Not yet. Been busy with a million other things this morning but I will try that next.

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Ok. Just tried that and put in a dummy question which worked. Then I typed out my whole question and it hung again on topics. And the banner isn’t right.

I’m thinking I have to clear my cookies and/or cache but can’t remember where to do that. Using Windows 7 and Chrome.

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Google how to do that. I forget every time, and have to re-research it.

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Cleared my cache and cookies, rebooted. Still hangs on topics. I’m out of tricks.

Mods? Mods?


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[mod says] Thanks for the report, we’re on it.

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I had a similar issue about a week ago, couldn’t post a question. Never could get past the
“continue” tab. That was on my laptop, had no problem posting Qs on my phone. Go figure.

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I added to my recent meta question a little while ago because parts of the display have gone off again.

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Banner is back and a test question worked although I had to enter the topics; the list to select from didn’t come up. I’ll try my real question tomorrow.

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I could ask a Q today and it worked right! Thank you Fluther!

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