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Should a husband and wife be friends on social media?

Asked by honeybun35 (582points) 1 month ago

This is just a question as to why or not they should be. We are watching Jerry Springer and something like this came up. I thought good question.

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It really doesn’t matter. Whatever works for them should be enough for everyone else.

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Well if they’re married, why do they need social media anyway? Other than to keep in touch with friends or distant family? I hardly need a PC to communicate with my wife when she is sitting three feet away from me on our couch. Strange world.

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Depends on whether they have something to hide.

I have been “friends’ with most of my girlfriends over the years, (including some from the 1980s), and of the couples I know, if both are on the platform they are friends/fully open/not hiding.

Not willing to be friends on social media would be a HUGE red flag.

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Exactly. I see a few replies saying it doesn’t matter if the person is 3 feet away. If they are friends with ex lovers than they don’t have access to see that. It’s not about them contacting each other but it’s about the outsiders.

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@Nomore_lockout There’s a local newlywed couple who claim that their ENTIRE sex life is via sexting. They sit on the sofa next to each other, pick up their phone & proceed to talk dirty to each other. When they finish, they smoke a cigarette & go off to their respective bedroom. I can only assume that they are telling the truth as I’ve NEVER been privy to their love life other than their claims. Honestly, I don’t care how they have sex & I really, really don’t want to be there when they decide to become romantic…Strange world doesn’t even begin to cover it!!!

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IF they can’t be friends on social media, they probably shouldn’t be married!!!

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Another good answer. Everyone is sticking to they don’t need to be friends if they are sleeping in same bed but that have nothing to do with their social media page. Cheating takes place

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The one thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that a cheater will find a way to cheat NO matter when, where, or how. We didn’t have social media when I married my first husband & he had absolutely NO problem finding some bimbo willing to cheat with him…Hell, he married one of them after I left him & he still continued his cheating ways until the day he died!!!

I met my last husband online & we shared EVERYTHING thereafter!!! IF you don’t have total trust in your spouse then you shouldn’t have married them to begin with!!!

Those who are going to cheat will just find another way to do it IF their spouse is watching their online accounts!!!

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I’m friends with quite a few younger married couples that I’ve met through my other long term job. The couples are always friends with each other. It seems the guys mainly post about their favorite football team or hunting. The ladies mainly post family pics. But they usually comment on each other’s pics or posts.

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I could understand that. It makes sense too.

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My ex-wife and I are NOT friends on social media.

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I don’t why they wouldn’t be. I send my husband sports memes and articles and various things, and he does the same. We did have a minor issue once, but we got over it.

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elbanditoroso You and your ex wife ? What about when you were married? I don’t think too many are with exes. Mine is blocked.

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I think it would be odd if they were not friends on social media.

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I’m friends with my husband. I was even friends with my ex who moved 2000 miles away when the kids were little.
The majority of my posts are about grandkids he’ll never know so he blanked me out.

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I am friends on FB with my husband. We like to share things with each other that way. Also I am friends with two of my ex boyfriends. I still care about them and vice versa. Why not still be in each other’s lives if only a little ?

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Well if you’re using Facebook as a dating website you probably wouldn’t want your husband in on it

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Whatever they prefer

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@Dutchess_III @anniereborn I think it’s nice to see your ex’s doing well, too. Good for you.

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My ex unfriended me, probably couldn’t stand the guilt and remorse.

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@Dutchess Oh well, you tried. :)

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I didn’t appreciate his posts about how great life in Washington state was, knowing my 3 kids were seeing him cackle and brag without a thought for them. ; (

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