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How do I find a passion for something?

Asked by steelers13 (103points) 1 month ago

I’ve played sports my whole life and I felt a passion and a drive for it. I started playing football when I was 5 and was all over it and loved it! I played all the way till I graduated high school. When my senior football season ended I felt lost for a little I didn’t think I could fill up that void that I had, that joy and passion from football. And then my senior year of track started.

I had started track back in my freshman year and didn’t really take it seriously until my junior year and now in my senior year I was getting recruited for college. Track quickly filled the void that I had from not playing football. It quickly became my new lifestyle and eventually I got a scholarship to run track. My passion for track grew as the years went by in college until “Bam” its all over. My senior season gets canceled because of Covid.

And now I’ve just been sitting here lost on what to do with myself. Days just seem so long and so repetitive, especially with haveing to be stuck in my apartment for majority of the day because of covid. How do you find a passion for something? With football and track it just seemed so different.

Football i fell in love with a young age and was my whole lifestyle! And track kinda became a passion once I notice how good I was doing. But now its like there’s nothing, just emptiness and no more motivation. This is the first time since I was 5 where sports wasn’t my life. Sports has really helped me through alot. Its helped my get through school, its helped meet some of my best friends, its helped me cope when I was sad or upset with whatever was going on in my life and nowI just don’t know how to really move on anymore without it.

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It has been my experience that you don’t “find” passion…you “have” passion. Sports seems to be where your passions lie; so during this pandemic, there’s not much room for passion. You need to “maintain” your passion for sports & be patient until we can get past these dark times. Once things get back to any semblance of normal, your passions will return with a vengeance, Until then, learn to develop your ability to cope. That is something that you will need to learn for yourself as NO one can do that for you!!!

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