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Will Congress vote to decriminalize marijuana?

Asked by KNOWITALL (24517points) 1 month ago

It appears it’s passing now. Do you think it will pass or should it?

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It most definitely should be decriminalized (and legalized). All records should be expunged, and people should be paid/supported for being having their lives ruined and time lost in jail.

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They really should,and the Government will make revenue from taxing it rather than fighting it, and unlike what most fight wingers claim it is not a gate way drug.

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Was it Clinton who said he’d “tried it” but didn’t inhale?
Remember when the press asked Obama if he ever toked and he said yes.
Then they asked if he had inhaled.
Obama said something like “Of course I did. Isn’t that kind of the point?” : D

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I agree, it’s past time. Reps who believe in ‘personal responsibility’ should be fine with it, too. Lets hope they remember that while voting.

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@Dutchess_III Yes Bill didnt inhale but Obama and Kamala said they did. Haha!

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222 yea, 163 nea right now!

Imagine all the patients who desperately need it but fear legal repercussions. The chemo wards will be cheering!

Someone was grumping about and I said if you’ve never had to try to keep weight on a person with mouth sores or no taste buds, I can see your point. Maybe in 2021 compassion and empathy will triumph.
As for recreational, they’ll get it anyway, not my concern. Exciting day!

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I have not kept up with this topic at all, but I’m wondering if part of this bill is to release people in jail charged with marijuana use and or possession?

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@chyna – Probably not, since most of those charges are state level. Federally though, it looks like a yes, but not an automatic expunging.

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The Senate won’t pass it.

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I believe that even though it might take years for marijuana to be decriminalized, it will continue to grow increasingly less acceptable to treat its possession and use as criminal. It will almost certainly go the way of other formerly criminal enterprises such as homosexuality or cohabitation between unmarried couples.

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I think it will pass.

I used to be very in favor of decriminalizing it or even making it completely legal like alcohol. I’m going back to when I was a teenager this was a topic, and I felt strongly for over 30 years make it legal.

I developed more mixed feeling when some jellies told me their experience in states that had made it legal and even stories that had about Amsterdam.

I’m fine if it passes, but I think it will probably have some negative impact. I don’t want anyone to go to jail for smoking weed though, I’m completely against that. Pushing it on children people should still go to jail.

I hope if it’s legal they add to the drunk driving message not to get high and drive. I know a lot of pot smokers who feel they can drive just fine.

I’ve always been in favor of medical use and have voted for it. That gets abused too, but it’s so helpful to some people in believe in it for treatment.

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An idea whose time has come.

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@Call_Me_Jay That’s my concern as well. Fingers crossed.

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Alcohol is 10x worse than weed.

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Ya just shouldn’t smoke it, any kind of smoke is harmful to one’s lungs.

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@SQUEEKY2 Some people only get relief from smoking. While mom was doing radiation and chemo, edibles didnt stay down.
Some of these patients are so pitifully thin and at deaths door, they dont have years left to worry about lung damage, just surviving another day. Just keeping it real.

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They did it!!!!

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@KNOWITALL Medical use exception should cover that.

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@JLeslie Yeah, but even with medical being passed, a lot of people, especially on disability or fixed income, can’t afford the ‘pharmacy’ prices. Ours has been out for a month now I was told and just closed the doors. Lines were blocks and blocks when they opened and VIP members got to buy more.

At least if this passes the Senate, small amounts could hopefully be okay for poor patients to get it on the street. I don’t know for sure, but busting a 90 year old cancer patient for a small amount doesn’t seem right.

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@KNOWITALL Makes sense. I hadn’t thought it through. Good points. I think you just swayed me back to the side of legalizing it for recreation. I never was against it, just had hesitations.

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@JLeslie haha, well good! I wasn’t trying to.

I’ve just seen sooo many people who needed the help and could only get Marinol prescriptions, which, trust me, are NOT the same result. It’s so sad to see. And many doctors cut off pain pills since the Pfizer lawsuit, so we have a ton of elderly, hurting patients with no relief. It’s just not right.

Could you afford $120 for a weeks worth of medicine? That’s basically what it amounts to here, at the dispensary legally. Not to mention the $300 doctor fee, then to actually get your med license is anther couple hundred. These low-income patients can never afford that, that’s why we need recreational to balance it out and hopefully keep costs lower.

None of this legalization affects the bottom rung of the income ladder who need it most, they’ll get it from the streets or not at all. That’s why I’m all about decriminalization personally.

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Hell grow your own!

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@KNOWITALL From what I understand some special MJ plants treat seizures and other really serious health problems. I don’t know if anyone can just get those seeds to grow those plants.

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@JLeslie Usually you order those overseas. It’s a whole niche.

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Someday, yes. It will be legal everywhere someday…
Money talks! And it can be taxed!

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