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Will Biden's term be "Obama's third term"?

Asked by Demosthenes (11036points) 1 month ago

Is that a good thing?

I was listening to the podcast “Citations Needed” (@Hamb) and it was discussing some of the issues with media coverage of Obama’s term, such as fawning praise that disguised some of Obama’s more problematic actions like the continuation of the drone wars in the Middle East and harsh immigration policies (that were then continued and made more harsh by Trump). I know I get called a racist POS every time I bring this up, but there is some concern that a person like Kamala Harris may be celebrated for being a trailblazing woman of color but her political positions and actions may be ignored (by the media). It’s already happening with some of Biden’s appointees who are not as progressive as many hoped (and many are Obama holdovers), but all the media can talk about is their race and gender.

Is it a good thing Biden may be appointing some of the same people from the Obama White House? What kind of media coverage do you think the Biden presidency will get?

I’m aiming this question more at our more progressive users here.

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Anything is an improvement over the last four years.

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Yes, and it’s not good. The left, anti-imperialists, environmentalists, healthcare advocates, anti-racists, and people wanting to reduce inequality lost. The election of consequence happened earlier this year. And honestly, this was the last “I’ll give electoral politics (and the Democratic party) one more chance” hurrah for anyone left of Ronald Reagan.

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It’s a wonderful thing!

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I think there will be differences. Biden has more political experience than Obama ever had. I read that when Obama wanted someone to negotiate something with the Senate, he would send Biden to talk to them. Obama is more detached; Biden less polished but possibly has more heart and maybe guts. I’m willing to wait and see and not prognosticate.

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I like the idea that he has Obama’s ear.

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Biden & Harris are by no means my idea of leftists. For that matter I might describe them as about as accurate a reflection of leftist politics as our fool’s bat shit lunacy can be called “conservatism”. Any “fawning” by the media over Biden/Harris will almost certainly be restricted to comparisons between them and the idiot—and no stretch of the imagination is required to visualize the opportunities in THAT. As the nation’s low water mark in Presidents, Trump is now distinguished as the plumb mark on any any clause or phase ending in “as bad as”. For that matter, the list of pejoratives suitable as substitution for “bad” is limitless. How about stupid, pig headed, gross, inept, incompetent, dishonest, duplicitous, treacherous, clueless, insufferable, cowardly, disgusting, disgraceful….

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It will if you want it to be.
I see Biden as more of a Moderate than Obama.

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Republican talking point!

Obama is a socialist dictator who never wanted to leave office and this is how he continues his reign. Biden is a puppet.

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As long as they don’t tell me Walmarts are being used as prisons…(eye roll)

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“Progressives” view this incoming administration as highly centrist. There is nothing progressive about the Biden/Harris administration, except that there are more women and people of color who will be stepping into the role of oppressor (just like in the Obama administration).

Still big-money, anti-environment, pro-health insurance, pro-incarceration, pro-war, pro-police… But better speakers with less “scandals”.

~Yay, I can hardly contain my excitement.~

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Yep, that’s the criticism I was thinking of. This morning on NPR all they were talking about was how “diverse” Biden’s cabinet will be, because all that matters is race and gender, not politics and policy. This is my problem with too much focus on “representation.” It’s how centrists pander.

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Still better than trump.

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At least there will be a chance at some applied sensible thought this time around in contrast to the scandalous and destructive malignant clown show which has degraded and demoralized us all.

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@Dutchess_III and @stanleybmanly I think Trump was dangerous for our country. Be that as it may, the Biden cabinet is extremely disappointing and anti-progressive.

How do all of you who thought Biden and Harris would end kids in cages or drone strikes on civilians feel about his cabinet picks? My take: “Better than Trump” is still shit if kids are in cages and we’re dropping drones on civilians.

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Honestly, “Better than Trump” just can’t be the standard. I get we have to “get back to normal” or whatever, but I refuse to believe that most democrats or left-leaning individuals support these picks of the Biden/Harris administration.

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You won’t find anyone here who will posit that “better than Trump” is the ideal. But when “better than Trump” is the only choice, you bet your ass that I will grab it and did, and count myself lucky for even THAT “opportunity”.

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Exactly. It’s all we have.

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What @stanleybmanly said. Two choices, pick one. One is awful, one is not so bad and has room for improvement.

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IF Biden’s term indeed turns out to equal Obama’s 3rd term, I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky. Even mediocre would mean vast and undeniable improvement over that which preceded it this time.

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