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Who do you think will win the Georgia Senate seat?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25689points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Which party do you think is more energized to go for the kill and win?

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Seats. There are two elections.

Hopefully, it will be Ossoff and Warnock.

Realistically, one democrat and one republican.

Early voting starts the 14th. I’ll be there, ready to cast my callot.

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@elbanditoroso Might be more effective if you bast your ballot. ;-)

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The two democrats of course. The fix is in.

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The two democrats of course. The fix is in.

The Republican governor, Republican Secretary of State, Republican Supervisor of Elections and Republican majority of elected county officials are criminal cheaters who will stop at nothing to elect Democrats.

Good thinking. Brilliant analysis.

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If the “fix” was in, as you think, then we wouldn’t be having run-offs in Georgia to begin with.

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If his base is listening, it should be the 2 dems because the reps will not be voting in order to protest crooked elections.Just when I think he can do anything dumber, he proves e wrong

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I am laughing so hard!!

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In addition to what @SEKA posted, there’s also a campaign to write in Trump on the ballot.

Per Snopes:

“Since Georgia law only allows two candidates per race on ballots in runoffs, and since Trump was not one of them in the Jan. 5 election, he has no legal avenue to secure a Senate seat in this election. Additionally, there’s no official space for write-in candidates in the runoffs, so ballots with Trump’s name written on them would likely be considered invalid.”

It’s good to know that my dystopian but goofy concern that Trump might occupy both GA Senator seats, is totally not a thing!

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Last I heard he was refusing to support the 2 reps in the runoff because he’s punishing the reps who haven’t supported him properly

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How about this:

The Trump write-in campaign succeeds, but since no first name was provided, they have a runoff election between Donald Lame Duck, Ivanka, Melanoma, Don Jr, Barren, and Eric. ;-o

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In close elections like these I assume pessimistically that the Republicans will win. That way I can’t be disappointed.

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@Darth_Algar It takes a while to find a couple suitcases full of ballots (all voting for democrats).

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They fall out of the ceiling, too. You know.

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Y’all, let me just ask you the same question I have asked before. Do you see that mail-in ballots offer more opportunities for fraud than in-person ballots? If your answer is even a somewhat qualified yes, then I’ll ask a follow-up question.

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In preparation for a Democratic sweep, I actually bought some bearish bets on the stock market. Well, guess what? The Democrats will win, but the stock market is up anyway! I think the main reason is that now Biden/Harris have no excuses to not try and push the most radical ideas out there.

Reminds of the Tea Party’s Contract with America!

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