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Do you drink matcha?

Asked by Hamb (1370points) December 5th, 2020

Do you drink matcha, and if so what is your favorite and how do you prepare it? Traditional preparation or do you sweeten it?

Do you order it online?

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I do. I just buy it at the grocery store; I haven’t made much effort to find better matcha, but what I’ve had has been good. I just add a small spoonful to hot water. I never add any sugar or milk to tea.

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Thanks. I’m brand new to it. I have only tried a couple of different kinds. I am currently drinking some Numi ceremonial grade matcha, which I whisk with a tiny whisk in hot water (not some fancy traditional bamboo whisk).

I have reduced my coffee intake, and started drinking green tea and/or matcha throughout the day. I’m looking to find some matcha online that might not be as expensive.

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I’ve never been a coffee-drinker, but I have always liked tea, though until a few years ago I’d mostly limited myself to teabags; recently I’ve been trying more loose teas as well as matcha.

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My friend mixes it in with his daily morning smoothie concoction.

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I tried it once and didn’t like it. I realize there are different types. To me, it tasted like dust. Maybe it wasn’t sweetened and I like my coffee and tea with sweetener in it. I don’t know.

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^ Yeah, it’s definitely not sweet. I don’t use sweetener in coffee or tea, so I don’t mind it. There are all kinds of sweetened matcha beverages, like lattes, etc, although I haven’t had these.

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I used powdered matcha and make latte out of it. I can drink pure matcha if I want but it would just be too much to take in, and besides it wouldn’t be as good.

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I add two shots of vodka with it

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I tried it a few times. Not a fan.

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Heya Huntington!

I have no idea what it is.

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@Dutchess_III: It’s a drink. The person that had me try it was from Argentina. Appaerntly there they all drink it from the same drinking apparatus, which I think is gross. They drink it as a group thing there. Just like tea, there are many different kinds, apparently. Here’s the Wiki link which gives a general overview:

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@Dutchess_III: I stand corrected. The drink I had was Yerba Mate. This Argentinian person had me try it and it was gross.

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Matcha is finely ground green tea.

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