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Will Apple replace the "casing" of my Macbook Pro? The paint on the wrist pad/keyboard is peeling.

Asked by wenbert (311points) September 7th, 2008

I have applecare and the laptop is about 2 and half years old.

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they could but u would have to pay

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I think it might be REALLY expensive.
If I remember right when I asked the guys at the genius bar a few years ago they said it would be hundreds (maybe even 500). But my recollection is not that clear, and it may have changed by now, so you should look into it.

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buy a new one or live with it. That’s how it works if it’s not covered by warranty.

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Have you tried calling? They might say its normal wear and tear, but you can try contesting.. It is worth the try you know, you can always try speaking to the person-in-charge and telling him that you thought the apple care protection plan would cover such thing.

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thanks for your response guys. i am not really bothered by it. just curious :) so i am just going to live it. i thought applecare covers it by default.

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If it’s just the finish wearing off and not a malfunction, there’s no fault to repair. If you want the casing replaced, you probably will have to pay to have it done.

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Cosmetics / casing are not covered under any kind of ‘fault’ guarantee outside of warranty. There are parts on my Macbook where it is discoloured (a well known fault with the 1st gen white macbooks) and these were dismissed as ‘unimportant cosmetic flaws’ even though I am covered under Applecare. It doesn’t really matter, to be honest.

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Cosmetic damage and wear and tear isn’t covered under Applecare. It’s a service agreement, not insurance or a guarantee to replace any and everything. When I worked at an Apple store we did a few of those type of things under warranty, but usually only if we were already doing another repair on it, or if the person threw a fit. And you really don’t want to be the jerk that throws a fit. It really does ruin the employee’s day.

To have it done out of warranty would most likely be a Level 1 repair, which is about $320, at least when I worked there a year ago.

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A while ago my macbook started showing areas on the casing where they were wearing away at the point the lid hit it when closed. I wasn’t sure if it would be covered since it seemed like a non-important cosmetic problem. However I asked about it when I brought in a faulty charger and it was replaced. The whole inner shell (the bit surrounding the keyboard and trackpad) was all replaced.

IMO, just pop in next time you pass a mac store and ask about it. Never hurts and you don’t lose anything out of trying.

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Yeah, I had that too – a small edge had broken off due to the wear caused by the latches.

This isn’t cosmetic though – it would allow dust to get inside the machine / keyboard – I figured that was why the replaced on mine, anyway.

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if you’re feeling brave

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mine’s just barely a year old and its starts craking. It cnt be normal wear and tear because I got also other notebooks and its still ok.

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