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What are some new jokes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17970points) 1 month ago

I just had this one in a dream.

How does a zoologist get an extension for an assignment?

She says that her homework ate her dog?

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Vaginal discharge is the firing of a zip gun from a hidden location.

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I don’t think there are any new jokes, but your switch on the homework line is pretty good.

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Did you hear the one that Trump thinks he won the election?

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Did you hear the one that Trump thinks he was a fabulous President?

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Nothing new, still old. NSFW.

Superman was flying over the city when he spotted Wonder Woman sunbathing fully naked on top of a rooftop. He thought he could just swoop in, give her supersonic speed lovemaking and fly away without her knowing. So he did and flew away with a grin.

Wonder Woman : What was that?
Invisible Man : I don’t know but my ass is really hurting.

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I just came across this

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