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What is something that you do all wrong, and you know it, and you don't care, and you do it anyway?

Asked by Jeruba (51075points) 1 month ago

Lately I’ve been making a mug of tea by pouring cold water over a tea bag and sticking the mug in the microwave. Whatever I’m sacrificing in flavor and character is offset by speed and simplicity.

Do you routinely do something that defies custom, conventional wisdom, or cultural norm? I don’t mean that it’s illegal, just that you know the “right” way to do it, and you do it your way instead.

Food preparation and consumption in particular seem to invite this sort of transgression. Harmless, I hope.

If somebody questioned you or called it out, you’d just say, “I don’t do it like that. I do it this way.” Thinking, If it bothers you, don’t look.

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Laundry. I don’t follow the ‘rules’ on separating fabrics and colors. Or warm and cold.

Also I don’t worry much about contemporary fashion trends.

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Oh, lordy, so many things. I am old and tired and in pain most of the time, so I am the poster child for Lazy R Us.

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Chocolate at breakfast time. So wrong and yet, somehow so right!

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I would say post here but not everything I do/say here is wrong. But I do my best.

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My husband would say opening food packages. I often open the wrong side of the box or tear open the bag poorly. It drives him crazy, and I just think who cares.

I eat any type of food at any time of day.

I make hot chocolate with some milk and almond milk and a little sugar and microwave it right in the mug and then add powdered cocoa. Does that count? Trying not to dirty any pots. I do this with many foods and drinks. Sometimes I make pasta right in the dish I am going to eat from using the microwave. I make Wheatina and oatmeal also, right in the bowl I will be eating from. Anything to avoid a dirty pot.

When I cook dinner I will saute veggies in a pan first, and then cook the meat in the same pan, or sometimes the reverse, whatever I can do to avoid cleaning more pots and pans, even cooking rice or pasta in a pan rather than a pot if the rest of the meal needs to be made in a pan.

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Monday, I’m going to text my ex.


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I’m pretty brave about leaving food unrefrigerated and eating it. Exceptions are during hot weather, otherwise, I’ll think nothing of leaving homemade chicken soup out on the counter or stove all night long, or lasagna, or most things.

Also, I’ll eat food past its expiration date, and I’ll eat food that’s been in the refrigerator for up to a week, as long as it smells and tastes ok. Some things, like yogurt, will keep for months as long as they’re not opened.

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The 5 second rule is just a guideline.

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Taking my blood pressure medicine when I think about it, rather than every day like I should be..No stroke, no foul.

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On weekends essentially having another dinner just before I go to bed around 2 am. Or is that a breakfast prequel?

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@JLeslie Bag ripper here, too. Drives my husband crazy.

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In outrigger canoe paddling there’s “the right way” to get into the canoe in open water. Which is you grab the gunnel with both hands and pull your body up while slinging your butt onto the seat. That takes a lot of strength and energy and puts a lot of stress on tendons and joints. It also takes good timing and often takes more than one attempt especially in high seas.. I seen many paddlers waste time and energy making multiple attempts to get into the canoe this way.

I have a very easy, simple and quick way to get into the canoe. How? I basically clime in by grabbing the gunnel and slinging my right leg into the canoe and lock it in under the seat and roll in. I can be into the canoe and paddling in less than 5 seconds (with a bulky PFD) while the other paddlers are still trying to get in.

Coaches still try to get me to practice “the right way” to get into the canoe. But it is such a waste of time and energy and also risks injury. I simply refuse.

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@JLeslie I like your cooking style of using less pots and pans. My wife loves cooking and she’s very good at it. The least I can do is wash the pots, pans and dishes. She uses a lot of pots and pans. So many that I keep an eye on the growing pile of pots and pans. I start cleaning the pots and pans as she finishes with them so I don’t wind up with a huge pile later. When ever she’s gone (which is never nowadays) and I “cook” my dinner I never use more than one pot. Always something simple (Ramen, vegetables, tuna or macaroni & cheese, or soup).

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@gondwanalon Sometimes it works really well, because the flavor from searing a steak adds to the flavor of the onions I might cook afterwards in the same pan. Sometimes I do rinse the pan in between, meaning a quick run of water, before starting the new item. It depends how long each item will take to cook. It isn’t practical to stick to one pot if it will cause me to be in the kitchen a long time.


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I drink fluids late into the evening, which inevitably means waking-up to use the bathroom. I know that this practice is idiotic. I often give myself new rules (No glass of water after 8:00 pm. No cup of tea before bed.), which I immediately break.

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I reuse K-cups. I keep a tray next to the coffee maker and place the old one there. I will reuse it 2 or 3 times. Only the first mug has caffeine. I figure all the others are caffeine free.

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I should be better about watching my sugar intake.

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I don’t type in the prescribed “touch” fashion. I started using my mother’s ancient Royal when I was about 7, and by the time I took a typing class in high school it was too late to change my habits. I do all right.

When it comes to meds, I take a ton of prescriptions, and I pay no attention to whether they should be with food, without food, morning, nighttime, alone or in company. I just down the whole lot first thing in the morning, in a single handful, knowing that they’re about to produce an indefinable chemical soup and flatly not worrying about it.

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I brush my teeth with towels and rinse with water.

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@RedDeer Why?

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@KNOWITALL Why not? I mean Old Dan Tucker was a good old man, brushed his teeth with a frying pan.

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@KNOWITALL I couldn’t be bothered and I can’t stand very long. It saves me the trouble. If my teeth bother me then I floss . I do brush my teeth with crest gum detoxification toothpaste once a week. I spend most of my day asleep or on Fluther.

As It is it would take me two hours a day just as a minimum.

Ideally my dentist would have me clean my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes a tooth.

Also I don’t want chemicals in my toothpaste.

When I did care nothing I did was good enough. I was told that I was brushing wrong. Was always given more instructions.

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@RedDeer Oh goodness, I didnt know you had physical limitations.
Two minutes per tooth, wow. I use an electric so its a little less time. Ha!

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On virtually everything I own I do not use the “safety or safe” feature. If you pick up my Bernzomatic gas torch the gas is turned on and the trigger is engaged. Pull the trigger and it will light instantly.
I do not shut off the gas on my gas grills. Just walk up to it, turn the burner on, and hit the start button, and you’re cooking.
I keep my electric drills in the ready to drill position.
I bypassed the auger safety control on my snowblower and the blade disengage on my mower.
My stuff is always ready for use.

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