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Will home computer keyboards soon have a credit card "slider" attached to them?

Asked by JackAdams (6492points) September 7th, 2008

If you have seen computer keyboards at retail outlets, you may have noticed that there is a vertical kind of “groove” across the upper portion of certain keyboards (above the “F” row of buttons), into which a cashier will place your card, then slide the card the length of that groove, to have your card read by the computer, expediting your purchase.

I have heard that soon, a similar keyboard will be available for home use, where there will be a screen prompt (at a retail or wholesale mail-order website) that says, for example, “SLIDE CARD NOW,” and instead of manually typing in your credit card numbers on your keyboard, you just slide your card and the information is taken directly from the card, facilitating an error-free transaction, ensuring that you can get hopelessly in debt, much faster than ever before.

Can you tell me if this is indeed in the final stages of development, and when it will be ready for purchase? I’d like to get on the mailing list to buy one, because with gasoline prices being what they are nowadays, I find myself shopping online, more frequently.

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