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Do you have anxiety?

Asked by missjena (918points) September 8th, 2008 from iPhone

if so what are your symptoms? I get strange internal shaking, muscle jerking, breathlessness, dizzy the list can go on. What has happened to u and helped u

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I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Social Anxiety Dis-Order. From a real therapist from the social security office. They did nothing. Just recently my doctor gave me Valium and that has really helped. I’m not afraid to stand in line for groceries anymore.And sleeping is doable now.

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I have Social Anxiety Disorder, i take lexapro and its been better. I used to freak out sitting in the barber shop chair. I would get nervous if i was with a group of friends larger than 2 people. Worst of all witch I still deal with is when someone new hangs with my friends I find my self not being able to talk or come up with anything of use to say. It sucks but after 10 years of feeling like this you get used to it.

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I have the mac application…

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@ JP and TrenchantWit

Could I ask the two of you whether you feel your Social Anxiety Disorder in the context of interacting with the huge group that is Fluther? Or is it confined to physical groups? Just curious.

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Just this year, while going through a series of stressful, non-voluntary transitions, I started having a hard time breathing. I just can’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. While signing papers at my attorney’s office, I had what I thought was a bad allergy attack (couldn’t catch my breath and felt as though I would suffocate if I stayed in his office one second more). He told me I was having an anxiety attack (he’s seen them so many times before) and that I was hyperventilating.

I’ve only ever suffered from depression when going through highly stressful situations, so this is a whole new experience. I hate it from the bottom of my being. All I have to do is think about not being able to breathe and I’m suddenly not able to breathe. I’m reluctant to take any medication (because of any inevitable side effects) but it looks as though I might need to. I was hoping that once I made the transitions and was back on solid ground that I’d feel better again. Barring that, I’ve been looking into meditation and bio-feedback.

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I have Social Anxiety Disorder. Before I got diagnosed and got my meds, I would get all shaky, light headed, my ears seemed to plug up and I felt like I was going to pass out. During periods of major depression, it worsened to the point of Agoraphobia.

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I have generalized anxiety disorder and suffer from acute panic attacks. Can’t breathe, chest pain, dizzy, etc. When I first started getting the panic attacks, I thought I was having a heart attack. I now take Effexor XR daily, and it has been a godsend! I also take Xanax for situations that produce acute anxiety. If I know I will be encountering such a situation, I take the xanax before hand as a preventative, otherwise, I take it once I become overly anxious. Within 15 minutes, I feel much better.

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has anyone experienced muscle jerking and adjusting or internal shaking ?

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@augus i used to take effexor XR and when i missed a day the withdrawl was horrible, i would feel sharp tingles all over my body, i quickly changed Rx’s after finding out that’s a side effect

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@harp yeah its completely physical, and not always, mine comes and goes. I have a large group of friends, go to the bars on weekends, and have fun with life. It honestly wouldn’t bother me if i was awkward like that but the thing that sucks is its hard to pick up women being all nervous and anxious.

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Missjena, my daughter does get the “internal shakes”. Anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways. Before assuming that you are suffering from anxiety though, you should have a check up to be sure it’s not some other illness.

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Stomach knots, some kind of tightening in my neck – like someone is choking me, legs are shaking, and I feel overwhelmed nad can’t focus. Wellbutrin Lorazapam are nice.

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I’ve had many tests but no MRI of brain. I’ve had EKG echocardiogram ct scan with contrast twice full body. Blood work. Thyroid checked. If it is anxiety it gives me strange scary symptoms

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Anxiety bites. It can totally mess up every aspect of your life. I’m glad I finally did something about it. I’m starting to feel like I have a life now.

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A.D., O.D.D. (don’t call me odd :Þ), O.C.D., and depression.

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