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If history is written by the winners, do losers write the screenplay?

Asked by JLoon (8573points) December 17th, 2020
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No. They just go to the show.

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Loser write fan fiction.

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The losers write their memoirs ( the ones who CAN read and write)

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Losers write for Yahoo! News.

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History is a crap shoot. As the Romans used to say, if Alexander had gone west instead of east, he wouldn’t have been called “The Great”.

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And one more thought. Nationalist China was allegedly one of the victors of WW 2, they were allined with the US and other Aliies to beat Japan. Only to lose their ass to Mao ze Dung and communists. So what did they gain? They were closed up on Taiwan and got recognition by the US as the real China. And then they stood there shaking their fist at Mainland China yelling, “That’ll teach ya!” Yeah, I’m impressed.

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