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How can I train my dog to stay out of the trash?

Asked by BarbieM (509points) September 8th, 2008

She doesn’t have any other bad habits, so I know I can’t complain much, but she always gets in the trash. We even got one with a lid that latches and she figured out how to open it. I don’t have anyplace to move the trash can, so I need other suggestions, please.

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I tried everything to keep my dog out of the trash, too! I had basically given up, and then I adopted a dog who’s owner had passed away. My first dog was so busy minding the new dog’s business that he forgot all about the trash. I never had another problem with either of them getting in the container.

Or maybe my first dog was just sorta simple… to think he could get away with it alone, and not to bother when there are two possible suspects? Hmmmm.

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There was this detailed discussion about something similar a while back. Maybe something there might help.

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Move the trash?

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My dog does this too. I just take out the trash when she will be home alone, so there is nothing for her to get into.
She is a stubborn terrier who is too old to change her ways.

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If you give the dog something to do while you’re gone it could be the first step in curing this behavior. Maybe you give him a kong toy with a bit of peanut butter inside it when you’re gone and pick it up when you get home. This will give him something to do if he’s bored.

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We leave our trash outside when we are not home.

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