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I am dumb in asking this, but how can I message (or private-message) the YouTube channel LegalEagle?

Asked by luigirovatti (2184points) December 18th, 2020

It’s a YouTube channel made by a lawyer who actually reacts to many movies and TV series (among many other things). Anyway, I wanted to send him a message, but, as you’ll probably know, YouTube Messages was cancelled 2 years ago. He has a Twitter and Facebook account, but for Twitter I don’t have an account (but if there’s no other solution, I will create it), and of Facebook, which I actually checked, he has LegalEagleReacts, but the problem is that even there there isn’t a PM feature. I could view his email address but that is available exclusively for business enquiries, so to PM him there would be completely illegal. So, what should I do? By the way, here’s the link to the YouTube channel, and his Facebook and Twitter accounts:

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Did you go to that YouTube site and try? I saw at least three links to contact the owner, including one labelled For Business Inquiries under the ‘about’ label.

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@elbanditoroso: But it would be illegal! It’s a private email address exclusively reserved for business inquiries.

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@luigirovatti ???? No that wouldn’t be illegal. At worst, the lawyer just wouldn’t respond.

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It wouldn’t be illegal because you are emailing him and that’s legal. Just because he says its for business only doesn’t mean you are breaking the law. It isn’t a law that that email must be for business only. So you won’t get in legal trouble.

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For something to be considered illegal, a law must have been broken. What law says you can’t email a business only email with non-business inquiries?

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@SergeantQueen: I should’ve rephrased. It would probably break the Terms of Service of YouTube and they would revoke my YT channel.

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Email is not youtube so no they probably wouldn’t unless the interaction took place over youtube

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You sound kind of desperate. Maybe you should just plead insanity ;)

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No, it wouldn’t be illegal and no, it wouldn’t be against YouTube’s ToU. Worst case the dude gets a little annoyed or just doesn’t respond.

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What is illegal about sending an email? Even back when Youtube still had the messaging feature, it wouldn’t break any term of service.

Now I’m starting to be scared of the content of your message…

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@Mimishu1995: No big deal, you know, just wanted to ask him to do a video reaction on the Perry Mason TV series.

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@luigirovatti Then what do you have to fear? Just send him one message. But be prepare that some Youtubers don’t take request, so it’s very likely your message will go unnoticed.

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